Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hello T-r-o-u BLE

Strange things are going on over on the Roadchick side of the world. You can read the beginning of this story by clicking here.

And now, the rest of the story.....

Mall announcer: Paging mr Rockboy, paging mr rockboy please pick up the white courtesy phone.

RB: ummm hello? momma is that you?

BD: No, this is me, BD though I HAVE been called a 'mother ******' a time or a thousand.

RB:oh, Bd, your that guy momma is always laughing at all the time right?

BD: with, I think she laughs WITH me.

RB: No, no, its definitely AT you. Why I remember a time she said you were just talkin....

BD: Um rockboy, sorry hate to interupt but it is important need to run run now!

RB:Run? why?

BD: ummm your momma's coming to kill you!

RB:no way dude!

BD: wayyyyyyy,,,,,she's been watching ncis right?

RB: Normally she would be, but she is on her way here to get me tonight.

BD: That's what I am saying, she is on her way to GET you! get out, get out now! RUN!!!!

RB: Dude why so dramatic?

BD: okay tell me, what else does she watch?

RB: Law and order,cold case, 12 kinds of csi, and all kinds of other shows like that.

BD: wow csi? that is even worse than I feared! Not only is she going to kill you , now she knows HOW to do it!

RB:Dude she's right you ARE weird, I am not running from my mom, she don't scare me....wait there she is. Hey MOM! over here!...

::::: enter lots of background scuffling noises here::::

BD: RB? RB? hello? hello?

dial tone......................

We interupt this newscast to bring you a breaking story from the westside. Authorities are not sure what sparked the bloodshed at the local mall today......story at 11!


Anonymous said...
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Michael Thomas said...

Looks like you got spammed. And the scene at the mall - can totally visualize it. Scene ends as a bleeding pulped Rockboy is dragged by his feet to the car, never to make this mistake again on a Tuesday.

Roadchick said...


You really didn't have anything to write about, did you?

Rockboy lives.

Glad to have been of service though!


fringes said...

I don't get it.

mist1 said...

I was going to leave a comment, but I have forgotten because I need to have a better grasp on our government.

Nice spam.

briliantdonkey said...

awwww my very first spam comment, I am soooooo proud.

Roadchick: "Rockboy lives" hmmmm exZACHARY what one might say who didn't want to be caught. See? IIIIII watch CSI too!

Killer said...

I want to see the spam, why did you delete it?

I was concerned for Rockboy after reading the Chick's post as well.

Susan said...

That poor boy. He never had a hope after she watched 20 different versions of csi.

Roadchick said...

Y'all need to stop. The police will be tracking the 'chick down.

heather said...

rockboy may still be among the living but you can bet if the chick is the kind of mama i think she is there was a moment or ten when he wished he wasn't. as for you bd, if rockboy had gotton away thanks to your warning were you prepared to go into hiding yourself? just checking.

christine said...
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Chris said...

Sure Roadchick....we're supposed to believe that RockBoy has just gone to live with his Grandma for a while, huh? Didn't think the neighbors would notice him missing?


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James Burnett said...

"12 kinds of CSI..." funny.