Friday, January 05, 2007

Sunday scribblings "kissing"

This week's prompt for Sunday scribblings is "kissing". Just a few random thoughts on the subject off the top of my head.

French Kissing,,,,,,

Question,,,,,,What do French people call a kiss involving the tongue? The following is a conversation between Scott and a12 year old French Foreign exchange student:

Scott: So,,,,spill it, did you kiss her?

Jean Paul: OUI!

Scott: Did she kiss back?

Jean paul: Oh Oui! We Keesed for a long time

Scott: Ow wee? what did it hurt?

Jean paul: No no, did not hairt et alle.

Scott: Oh , so it did NOT hurt, and you kissed for a long time.

Jean paul: Oui, We keesed for hours.

Scott:Wee wee? You had sex?

Jean Paul: no, shes NOT that kindof gail.

Scott: then why would you bring up your p*nis?

Jean Paul: estupeed American! I did not bring up my p*nis?

Scott: Well you said "wee wee"

Jean Paul: eh NO, I said "Oui"!

Scott: No you said yes? I am confused which is it?


Everyone knows all about the Hershey's kisses. They are one of the most popular candies out there. Several years ago they even came out with the 'hugs" I would suggest it may be time to expand again. Rumor has it they have been trying to do so for years actually.

I suspect they held a very secret meeting trying to come up with new ideas. Some of the other versions that have been discussed and dismissed:

How about the hershey's "gropes"?

Team up with the potato chip company and make Hershey's "lays"

Hershey's "Fondles"

How about targeting the gay demographic? Could they call these the Hershey Highways?

Maybe they could target the Kaopectate crowd and call their product "hershey squirts".

Target the cross dressing crowd: "Himshey's"

hershey's "foreplays"

Develop a line of Hard candy to target the viagra crowd.

The infertile crowd, and call them Hershey "blanks"

Okay, I may have just scared off two of my four readers so I will shut up.

Add your own to comments, I may add more later as well. To read more Sunday Scribblings click here.



The Sarcasticynic said...

"What do French people call a kiss involving the tongue?" Paradise, as I recall.

How 'bout one for the castrated: Hershey's without almonds.

mist1 said...

I must have some Hershey's Fondled.

Nothingman said...

Brilliant blog indeed.

Sadly in India we have not yet had the pleasure of having the above mentioned chocolate but yes french kissing is indeed available :)
Can we link you from our blog?
please leave a comment if it is ok.

briliantdonkey said...

Sarc: Great one, wish I had thought of that.

maybe they could come up with one for those of us in Florida. Call them Hershey's "Votes",,,,,,you only get one in the package but you think you get 12.

Mist1: I always knew you were one that wanted some fondled.

Nothingman: Certainly go right ahead. No need to ask, but thanks for doing so anyways.


briliantdonkey said...

Nothingman: where are my manners? Sorry Mist1 and her 'fondled' comment got me all flustered. Anyways, thanks for stopping by, it is always good to see a new face around here.


Susan said...

I nearly choked to death reading "hershey highway". Which is kind of an odd way to say what happened to me when talking about that subject in general.

How about for the s&m crowd: hershey's whips.

heather said...

re: kissing
BD you are one sick puppy lol. Can't forget about those with oral fixations though, or do blow pops have that market covered? Heather

Bice said...

You write French pretty good for a feriner.

pokerspice said...

I'm ready for Hershey's Fondles!

Roadchick said...

Hershey's Donkey - to kiss ass...or for ass kissers...

Hershey's Hominy - so you can "Kiss My Grits"


It's Friday.

The 'chick's got nothing else.

Michael Thomas said...

Hersheys Plugs, for those that ate too many burrito's last night.

Michael Thomas said...

Hershey's Softies - for those that have experienced that Viagra induced erection lasting over 4 hours - the one that you are supposed to go straight to the hospital over.
Yeah, right. I'll call the doc when one of us is too sore to continue, or too flamin' exhausted to move a muscle.

Wavemancali said...

Well if we are going way out there...

Hershey's Snuffs with that sweet taste of cyanide for the necrophilia crowd?

Hershey's Kibble for oh, ok nevermind.

heather said...

re: kissing comments
BD you must be so proud of yurself right now! While I am completly lacking in creativity myself look at the wonderfull show of one upmanship you have sparked among your more imaginative readers. Is your chest puffed out like a proud papa?

briliantdonkey said...

Susan: welcome back, I was torn between laughing and puking while typing that one. NOT that there's anything wrong with that! Btw I think I just heard the sound of Michael going ga ga over you. You mentioned whips.

Heather: guilty your honor, from now on let's cut out the middle man. I will just stand in my room and throw the book at myself from now on. Yes it does seem I have started a little mini something here. If I had any semblence of a chest, It would certainly be poked out.

Bice: Mare seee!

Pokerspice: you may have to fight Mist1 for that one.

sidenote to everyone else: I will sell pay per view on this battle send 49.95 to briliantdonkey @ getting rich dot com

Chick: "donkey to kiss ass or ass kissers?"what ARE you trying to say? who have you been talking to?

Michael: could even sell the combo pack. Squirts and plugs all in one.

Waveman: yeah that one's a bit out there. I know I know,,,,,,glass houses,,,,,,,throwing stones,,,,yada yada

Killer said...

They should make Hershey Handshakes, for when you meet someone with a cold sore.

Thanks for swinging by my place. Now that I am here at your pad, I kind of like it. Mind if I take my shoes off and stick around?

tania said...

Just a random passerby wanting to say "great post" and I'm thinking with the great ideas here, Hershey's might need to come up with some Hershey's Lube.

Sorry, I think I crossed a line :)

briliantdonkey said...

Killer: Of course you are welcome to for the shoes....hmmm I may have to get back to you on that one.

Tania: I am pretty sure you didn't go any farther across the line than Myself or a few others did. Welcome.


Frances said...

LOL you are the clever writer.
My post seems so boring in comparison :(
Thanks for sharing,

Michelle said...

My seven year old son just thinks it is hilarious to hear Pepe le Pew...I heard him explaining to his friend the other day that "Wee wee" meant yes, yes in French...We didn't get into the spelling. Thanks for prompting me to recall a very funny moment.

Inconsequential said...

Cool, I hope they do bring out some of those...

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

You've been watching The Sopranos, eh? :-)

My response is posted!

Liz said...

Love that accent!

Hey, you're smart for not allowing Killer to take off his shoes... trust me!

Kim Ayres said...

I still remember when I was about 12 asking a friend who'd been kissing a girl at the back of the bus on a school trip, "Were you French kissing?" "No, just plain English kissing" was his reply.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my blog.

Do you think they'd do Hershsy's Snogs, or Hershsy's Tonsil Hockey?

Anonymous said...

No one's taken the Hershey's "foreplays" so I will...don't more kisses come at the beginning... :)

Shaymus O'flatulence's Blog said...

Agh! So you have given me one more thing to blame Bice for....I'll add it to the list :)