Tuesday, January 02, 2007

showing my stupidity

I have a quick question that perhaps one of you who are better at this stuff than I am(note this means pretty much anyone other than my brother who is still terrified of email) can help me with. When I go to moderate comments it will say something like "holy shit BD YOU have a comment call the preacher cause hell is freezing over" okay okay, it just says '2 comments' with a hyperlink. When I click on that it will bring up a list of (okay both) comments. Clicking by the arrow next to each I can view both comments in full, and have the option to 'publish' it or not. My only question is this. Is there a way to make it show me which post the comment I am moderating is from. Sometimes it is no problem as the comment reads,

"your post on "where is my flying car" really sucked bigtime, was a waste of my time, and I will never return here again." In this case I have no problem publishing it, going back to my blog, clicking on the post titled "Where is my flying car" and replying to this comment something along the lines of:
"Dear Mom"
Sorry to dissappoint you. I shall try harder next time.

Love, BD

However, in other cases the comment will simply say:

"This post sucked"

In this case I again would like to publish the comment, go back to my blog, click on that particular post, and reply to it. The only problem is, I have NO idea which of the 75 posts it is a comment for. Sometimes I get a comment that is from 45 posts ago. There is no reference to a specific post so that doesn't help. "This post sucks" only gives me enough of a clue to rule out 2 of the 75. Therefore, I end up looking through all the others to find where a new comment was added in order to reply to it. Is there a way to change the options in blogger so that it will say "you have one comment from Mom on the post 'what I had for lunch today', so that I know where to go to reply? Or is surfing and guessing the only way to go about it?

Thanks in advance


The Sarcasticynic said...

BD, do you have Blogger send you an e-mail whenever someone posts a comment? For me, the e-mail will contain a link that tells me specifically upon which individual post was commented. By the way, I'm glad to hear your mom enjoys your work as much as my mom does mine.

alyndabear said...

Can't help you with this one, BD. I'm brave, and just let all comments come flying on through!

And I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who thought there was going to be an Independance Day 2 by looking at my storm photos. Made my day.

Fringes said...

Uh, I don't know the answer to your question. I only stopped by to say Happy New Year. Sorry I wasn't helpful, but I'm bringing cheer!

briliantdonkey said...

Yes, I do get that email which tells me what post the comment is to. However, the email is usually quite slow and by then I have figured it out. I guess I thought there must be a setting I am missing where blogger would tell me right on the site at the time of telling me I have comments. I am not sure if she DOES she just says she does,,,,,it is what moms do. My mom not yours lol

Alyndabear: As I am fond of pointing out......don't let the fact that EYE saw/thought/did something You did fool you into a false sense of security. Me seeing/thinking/doing something you do does NOT eliminate the possiblity of you being wierd, only the possibility of you being both weird AND alone.

Fringes: you too!

mist1 said...

This is a system of magic and Voodoo. You will need to place three chicken bones in front of your computer the next time the moon is new. Drain the blood from an albino monkey. Wrap the bones and the monkey carcass in waxed paper (do not use aluminum foil, I cannot stress this enough) and plant under a maple tree.

Then, you will find the answer that you seek.

Hope that helps.

Bice said...

I say put the comment block on Mom! If she can't comment nice then ta hell with her! Nothing personal Mom, just blogging.

Michael Thomas said...

The quantity of comments that I get, I just let em fly. I use the email notification. But I also use the Google Mail Monitor thingie that pops a message at the bottom of my screen whenever I get gmail. It's FAST. Sometimes it will show up before the actual Gmail page realizes there's a message.

Mist, you forgot to tell him how to "water" it after it's planted.

briliantdonkey said...

mist: sounds like a plan.... I feel like Jobu in the movie "major leagues"

Bice: I tried that once, she told me to go to my room and oddly enough I went!

Michael: as far as the quantity of comments goes that is no big deal.I am not even all that worried about spam comments. How do you find comments that need responding to though? If I just found your blog today and commented on a post 3 months old how would you know where to go to respond to that comment? I will have to look into that google email thingy. Sounds like that is as close as I am going to get