Sunday, February 04, 2007


No no, don't go getting too carried away with the celebration. Briliant donkey, the blog or the person behind it isn't going anywhere. "Goodbye" , is simply this week's prompt for sunday Scribblings. This also happens to be Super bowl Sunday as well and the game will kick off in about 3 hours or so. With these things in mind I have to make a request.

Can we please say goodbye to such things as "The wave". I recall going to USFL games as a teenager. Way back in the 80's this was on the verge of being 'old'. Way back then this was pretty neat, cool, and all that. This is 2007, knock it off already!

Gatorade baths: This has become the normal way of celebrating a big win. As the clock ticks down, players will sneak up on the coach and dump the cooler of gatorade on his head. Once again, back when it started this was awesome. 10 years into doing it, it was still fairly fresh and even enjoyable to see. Now? Now, it is just old. Want to impress me? Pick the coach up and dump HIM into the gatorade cooler, Till then I have seen enough.

Guarantees: When Willie Joe namath did it way back when it was unheard of. It took balls to say it as he did. It took even bigger balls to back it up. Nowadays, not a season goes by where someone doesn't give a 'guarantee to win." More often than not

The media plays it up, going out of their way to make a story out of nothing.

Everyone oooohs and ahhhhs.

Then the player making the guarantee gets his ass kicked and that is that.

Want to impress me? At least change it to "I guarantee we will win or else(enter consequence here). For instance, Payton manning could have said, I guarantee we will win or I will donate all the money I made from commercials this year to charity. Brian Urlacher could have said "I guarantee we will win or I will where a dress on Good morning america." Give the guarantee some teeth or don't even bother.

I mean come on, we let go of bell bottoms, and the rubiks cube.

8 tracks gave way to Records, to cassettes,to cd's. Typewriters gave way to computers. Horses gave way to automobiles.

The time has come to say goodbye to these football traditions and replace or at least update them.

As far as the game goes the Bears are 7 point underdogs. Noone gives the bears a chance to win. Part of me would like to see the colts(or at least Payton) win. He is a helluva QB, even if he played for my most hated rival in college and my biggest pro rival as well. I would hate to see him end up as the next Marino.

All that said I am picking the Colts to win but taking the bears and the points. Those picks however come with NO guarantees! For more Sunday scribblings go here.



Remiman said...

A fun post and appropriate for today.

mist1 said...

What's a typewriter?

briliantdonkey said...

remiman: thanks, and welcome to the blog. It was a fairly boring game in my opinion, but it was football so I will take it. Especially 3 weeks from now or worse yet 2 months from now.

Mist: where I come from it is a kind of author.......For example someone may go up to someone and say "so I hears you a writer, what typewriter are ye?" got it?


Michael Thomas said...

I would have preferred to see Chicago win, but then again, maybe we've finally heard the last of the Peyton can't win the big game. Maybe they'll find an actual story to hype next year. I was disappointed with both the Game and the Commercials. If they keep this up, the Superbowl is going to go the way of the reality show "Survivor". Folks can only take so much Blah games, especially when hardly a single commercial stood out. There won't be any Top Ten Super Bowl commercials coming out of this year.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

After the first couple minutes, the game lost all excitement. I was disappointed the Bears lost, but they did deserve it for playing like that.

Bell bottoms are not least not for my gender. They're just called "flare leg" now;>

twilightspider said...

Bd - I'm totally with you on all this stuff - which is partially why I'm so late in reading the SS entries this week. After all of Sunday's revelry and Monday's recovery, I'm just barely reading now!

The Superbowl is never the game that we want it to be - that's why I think the World Series and the NBA Championships seem more exciting - there's more build-up and better competition when they have to win more than just one game.