Tuesday, March 27, 2007

fantasy idol week 4

First off to those of you not interested in Idol at all. Sorry for the lack of other posts recently. I have been spending most of my free time doing homework to prepare for Fantasy baseball season. Yes yes I am a fantasy sports geek. Anyways, my drafts are coming up this weekend so hopefully after that I can get back in the groove of the other types of posts that my two readers have come to expect.

Now for Idol.......As usual put your picks in the comment section. A couple of notes.

Don't forget to name your bottom 3 picks(no penalty for missing these)
Don't forget to name your ultimate winner.
and most importantly,

Don't forget you are NOT allowed to finish ahead of me.


PS: I will make my rounds to your blogs again shortly as well. IF you haven't locked the doors and moved on me at least. A certain bartending fish did that recently but I still found her.

you say stalking , I say persistent. ToMAYYYYtoe , tomahhhhto.


Friday, March 23, 2007

fantasy idol week 3 points and overall standings

Alright, week three has come to a close. The points breakdown is as follows.

Previous standings:

Gypsy: 40
Suz: -70
BD: -70
Michael: -140
SWF: -280

Bottom 3 points:

SWF: 50 pts
Gypsy: 50 pts
BD: 0 pts
Suz: 0 pts (didn't vote)

Sent home pts:

SWF: 150 pts
Gypsy: 150 pts
BD: 0 pts
Suz: 0 pts

Move on points:

SWF: 100 pts
Suz: 70 pts
Gypsy: 80 pts
BD: 60


BD: -150 pts

Ultimate Idol:

BD: Jordin(3wks)= 40pts
SWF: Melinda(1wk)-10pts
Suz: melinda(1 wk)- 10pts
Gypsy: Melinda(2 wk) - 20 pts

Week 3 total

SWF: 310 pts(week 3 winner)
Gypsy: 300 pts
Suz: 80 pts
BD: -50 pts

Overall standings

Gypsy: 340 pts
SWF: 30 pts
Suz: 10 pts
BD: -120 pts
Michael: -140pts

Congrats to SWF who continued to employ her "brass balls strategy" and dug her way out of a HUGE whole back into the positive. She has also moved up into 2nd place. Gypsy, continues to pretty much blow us all away. I myself have settled into what appears to be a 'one step forward three steps back' strategy.

Idol wize, I will See you all next week.


Monday, March 19, 2007


Heather over at DKYbar and grill tagged me with the following meme(I still can't say/read 'meme' without giggling for some stupid reason.

1. go to wikipedia and type in your birthday, month and day only.

November 19th

2. list 3 events that occurred on that day.

A)491: St. Hilarious becomes pope.

If St.Dumbass, or St.Moderately funny had become pope, this would have been a bit more fitting but I will take it I guess.

B)1954 - Sammy Davis, Jr., loses his left eye in an automobile accident in San Bernardino, California

All those times his mom told him "don't do that or you will poke your eye out"......He should have listened.

C)1999 - An all odd digit date (11/19/1999 (MM/DD/YYYY)). The next all odd digit date will be 1/1/3111 (11/11/3111 if zeros are counted).

Someone tell me who the person was that researched THAT?

3. list 2 important birthdays.

1961 - Meg Ryan, American actress.
I had no idea she was that much older than me.
1970 - Justin Chancellor, English bassist (Tool)
No idea who this is, but in a real beavis and butthead moment i realized he appeared to be a real tool.

What? I'm not listed on here? Dear wikipedia,....I am writing to point out your over sight......yours truly BD

4. list 1 death.
1967 - Charles J. Watters, US Army chaplain, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1927)

Never heard of a single one of the people on this list but this one caught my eye.

5. list a holiday or observance. (if any)
World Toilet Day, see World Toilet Organization

again, I am easily amused. World TOILET day???? World seat goes in the up position day I can see. World seat goes in the down position, I could see. But world Toilet day?

6. tag 5 other bloggers.
I won't tag 5 specific bloggers but anyone wanting to participate feel free to do so. Also let me know in comments that you did so I can come check it out.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

fantasy idol week two results/overall standings

Okay week two is now over. I see we definitely have some kinks to work out of the system. First off I have made a small decision. Since only ONE person will be voted off per week instead of the two that were previously, I will award the same amount of points as before for being able to nail who that person is. Before it was 50 for the first male guessed correctly, and 100 more if you nailed them both. Since there is only one now, we will make that worth 150 points effective for week 2(this week's). Also, now I know they show you the bottom 3 vote getters. Do they do that for now on? If so maybe we should(starting next week) award 50 points for each one of them that you guess correctly. Let me know what yall think about that idea. Okay on to the scoring.

prev. score :
Suz: -170
SWF: -540
Gypsy: -40
Me: -150
Michael: -140

Move on points:
Suz: 90
Michael: didn't play

Going home points:
Michael: 0

Ultimate Idol points
Suz: Lakisha 10 pts
SWF:none 0
Gypsy: Melinda 10 pts
Me: Jordin 20 pts

Week 2 total points
SWF: 260
Gypsy: 80
Me: 80
Michael: 0

Overall standings:

Gypsy: +40
Suz: -70
Me: -70
Michael: -140
SWF: -280

Congratulations to SWF for sticking to her "I've got big balls" stratedgy which led to her winning week # 2 in a landslide, by nailing the entire show to the T.
Got any suggestions for lottery numbers?

Also, Michael took a 'wow yall suck SO bad I will just take a zero this week and wind up winning perhaps" strategy. I am guessing he is one of those people on Price is right that bids one dollar to win as well. Stroke of genius my friend even if it didn't happen to work this time.

Overall standings:

Suz: -70
me: -70
Michael: -140
SWF: -280

Oh and lest I forget.......Long as I am making up rules as we go along, I have decided to award 4,386,746 points to the biggest smartass, and that would be me. I would do the overall new standings after taking that into account but A) it would seem like bragging and B)Being a student of the florida education system math is not my strong suit. Who the hell put ME in charge of counting anyways? Do you NOT remember the whole election fiasco?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fantasy Idol week 2

Okay, sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Being fairly new to idol I thought we were still on the tues,wed,thursday cut 2 each schedule. Just now watching it on tivo now before I go to work. Someone correct me if I am wrong but now the cuts are today(wednesday) instead of tomorrow right?Also, from what I am gathering there is only one cut per week for now on as well? Anyways, the deadline for your picks is before the show starts. Some people live in the Philipines and at a bit of a disadvantage time wise, so I think the honor system will more than suffice. Suz and SWF already submitted their picks for this week in LAST weeks comments section since I was delayed in getting this post up. MY fault not theirs.

First a recap of week one scores:

Gypsy: -40
Michael: -140
Me: -150
Suz: -170
SWF: -540

Week two was in my opinion overall AWFUL for the most part. Any number of people could be going home especially seeing how last week's wacky voting went. It will be interesting to see what happens. I myself have NO idea. Okay, shutting up now. Submit your picks in comments.

NOTE: SWF,and Suz, No reason to resubmit them I got em.

Have fun and good luck.


Monday, March 12, 2007

The bice Sagan Show

First of all, I would like to send out a quick congratulations to Bice and heather for finishing up their first blog talk radio show just a few minutes ago. There were a few kinks as they continue to get used to the system and such but all and all it seemed to go fairly well. I am not sure what the regular schedule will be like but check it out. Once they work out those few kinks such as:

Clearly the mute button was not working as I got to talk even though I could hear bice pounding the mute button with what sounded like a hammer.

It was a bit choppy. I don't know if that was a one time glitch with BTR or what, but it seemed okay in spite of that.

Bice and heather seem to work well together. Okay actually, Bice and whoever that was he had filling in at the last second seemed to work well together. Surely the REAL heather didn't ACTUALLY stay sober for the show. Perhaps that banging was her banging the bottle on the mute button to try and get it open. A real "two birds with one stone" kinda gal is that Heather.

There WAS one point in the show that brought back very bad memories of my own radio career. Bice apparently hit a button muting both of them for about 2 minutes which was filled with utter silence. This happened to me once too. Soon afterwards the letter with the words "those two minutes were the best your show ever has been BD" arrived and my radio career was over.

This in turn lent itself to yet another bad memory. I was with one of my now ex girlfriends in bed. You know how they say men fall asleep right after sex? Well apparently I decided to cut out the middle man and dozed off momentarily DURING sex. It was only 2 minutes at most. A few days later I went to the mail box to once again find a letter with the words "those two minutes were the best your show has ever been BD" in it.

As of this morning, I no longer check my mail.


Congrats you two. Keep up the good work


Sunday, March 11, 2007

cookies and coffee houses

So I went out to eat the other day on my day off. I went to a local chain that sells among other things all sorts of coffees, desserts, sandwiches, soups, breads, and the like. It is the kind of place you can go and spend a couple of leisurely hours reading a book, or surfing the web if you like. Or you can come in, eat, and run depending on your preference. So there I am standing in line. I have decided what sandwich I will order, and am pretty much submersed in the world of "Cell" by Stephen King.

One of my favorite things about reading is lines no longer bother me. Catch me at a train? No problem, I will pull out my book and read. Bank teller lines? No problem, pull out my book. This does NOT mean I don't get furious at people sending the tube back and forth 6 times as covered in a recent post. As I get closer to the counter I see two rather large Chocolate chip cookies (cookie cakes? is that what they are called?), on display in the front window. They have the primary display position in the store. I remember reading somewhere that there is a word for this area but don't recall what it is, so I will call it the 'center of attention'(C.O.A). They are each roughly the size of a small pizza. I can almost hear the other various desserts wishing they had that display spot. The C.O.A has done its job in this case because I wonder briefly if I should grab one of those to take home as well.

I am still fairly early in my book, at the part where the world starts to go a bit loony, when I hear a bit of commotion and realize the world is starting to go a bit loony.

"Take a f-ing picture it will last longer!",

drags me out of the make believe loony world and back into the real one. I look up to see the girl behind the counter for the first time and though I am not what you would call a 'boob man' it is immediately evident that she has boobs a plenty.

I could say they are HUGE but that really doesn't do them justice.

I could say they are the stuff wide eyed teenage boys find themselves staring at in an issue of some magazine called 'jugs' or 'bazoombas' stashed under their mattress, but that wouldn't quite do them justice either.

I could say that were I to paint a nipple on each of my butt cheeks it would be tough to say which would be larger, but I won't put that disturbing vision in your mind's eye.

It only takes a moment to look at and interpret the situation. The gentleman in line with his wife has just been caught looking at the young woman's boobs by his wife and will spend a good amount of time in the doghouse as a result. I spend a moment to consider him an idiot, decide he deserves the trouble he will be in, and once again dive back into my book.

As it turns out though, his wife isn't the one that screamed at him. Instead, it was the young lady behind the counter. Now THIS I just don't get. Were they simply huge I could understand it, but that is not the case. They are also on display. The young lady in question has clearly, and obviously taken the time to push them up, press them out, and do everything she could do to attract attention to them. Were she wearing a sweater, and he was still staring, again I could understand it. Instead she is wearing a very low cut top displaying enough cleavage to all but scream to the world "hey look at me!" Even the chocolate chip cookies have been demoted from C.O.A status. Yet she has the nerve to get offended at this guy for looking?

Splain that to me ladies.

Don't get me wrong, I get that when you dress to impress, you are looking to impress those that you find desirable and HOPE the rest will just go away. I 'get' that, but surely you don't have reason to get upset,act surprised, and make a scene when someone you DON'T find desirable looks at you do you?

Hypothetical situation:

Let's just say that tomorrow I wake up to find God has overnight decided to bless me with much more endowment than I currently own. (not going to happen but work with me here)

Let's further say, that I am heading to a party and in order to impress the ladies walk around in a speedo all night long.(again, NOT going to happen)

I get lots of wanted attention from the ladies in the room. Good that was my goal.


Suddenly a gay guy in the room is staring at me the way kash does when I am holding a doggie biscuit. He is even wagging his tail, drooling, and licking his lips just like Kash does.

Am I allowed to think something along the lines of "not a freaking chance dude, now just go away?" I would say yes.

Am I allowed to shiver and perhaps gag thinking what he is thinking? Sure

Should I be offended that he is looking when 'getting people to look' was my goal? I would have to say no, unless buying one of those chocolate chip cookies that night was wrong of me too. Feel free to agree or disagree. I am curious of what other people's thoughts are.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

American Idol(cut to twelve) final score tally

Looking at this week's scores I think even Sanjaya is looking at us as a group and saying "man they suck!" Randy, when shown our scores said,

"you know, I am just not feeling it."

Paula Abdul was quoted as saying "You all didn't do all that well today, but you have potential."

Simon? Simon was just stunned into silence.

Okay here is the breakdown, fair warning it is fugggggggLY!

Gypsysoul aka Christine, came in with a NEGATIVE score. NEGATIVE 4o!

Are you done laughing? Good! Cause she not only won, but won by a wide 100
point margin!

Breakdown as follows:

Moving on points(10 pts per contestant correctly picked to move on)

Me: +90
Michael: +60
SWF: +80
Suz: +70
Christine: +60

Cut points:(50 for first of either sex correctly picked to go home, 100 more for picking both)

SWF: 0
Suz: +50
Gypsy: +50

Grand Idol points: (picking the overall AI winner)
Me: +10(Jordin)
Michael: 0 pts (Sundance)(eliminated from winning any of these points for rest of contest)
SWF: 0 points(didn't submit overall winner yet)
Suz: +10(melinda)
Gypsy:0 points (didn't submit overall winner yet)

Hope you enjoyed those "+" signs cause they are hereby OVER.

Penalties:(-150 points for each contestant you pick to move on that gets cut)
Me: - 300
Michael: -300
SWF: -600
Suz: -300
Gypsy: -150

Final week 1 scores:
Gypsy: -40
Michael: -140
Me: -150
Suz: -170
SWF: -540

Just in case anyone should think those are like little smiley faces they aren't. Those are colons. Followed by negative signs, followed by numbers. This concludes week 1. let me know if you see any scoring discrepancies or have any questions and good luck next week.

Congrats to Gypsy, this week's ummmmm winner? LEAST LOSER? ahemmmmm congrats christine!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tendencies vs superstitions

I personally do not buy into superstitions at all. To me they are a farce. An excuse for when things go bad. I DO however notice tendencies. For instance, if I am sitting in the living room watching the football game and things are going well and then go into the bedroom to continue watching. If at this point my team begins playing like crap, does that mean me going into the bedroom caused my team to start playing like crap? No. Of course not! To think so would be nothing short of absurd! However, noticing the tendency of my team playing better while I am in the living room? That just makes sense. That is just being in tune with the universe.

I simply choose to go back into the living room NOT because I am superstitious, I just think I am more comfortable in there is all. I am simply acknowledging and noticing the tendency of my team to play badly while I am sitting in my bedroom.

I do have one major exception to the rule though. One case where I DO freely admit to being a bit superstitious. Back in 1986 my Boston Redsox were in the world series and on the verge of winning it for the first time in like 80 years. They were about to put an end to all the ludicrous talk about 'curse of the bambino' and such. They were about to put an end to one of the longest streaks of futility in sports history.

The years of agony caused by Bucky "bleeping" Dent was on the verge of disappearing. It was a shoe in. It was in the book. I began making mental notes of all the people I was going to call and rub it in. I was going to call each of my friends who often asked 'how on earth do you stick by that team?" I was going to call Uncle Brian the die hard yankee fan who had been giving me grief since he was bouncing me on his knee in diapers.

Just to clarify, that was ME in diapers not Uncle Brian. He IS a Yankee fan, but he isn't THAT wierd! Anyways, I would call him at two in the morning, wait till he got on the phone, scream "SCREW the Bambino!" as loud as I could and hang up without another word.

Phrases like "bleeping" Bambino were about to come to an end.
Phrases like Bucky "bleeping" dent were about to go with it.

A few minutes later Bill Buckner, approached a slow rolling grounder which would end the game. As a tee ball coach for years I have seen countless 7 year olds make that play. Yet it went right between his legs. I am not sure exactly what happened next since my remote control went sailing aross the room and shattered the screen of my television. I do know

Instead of going away as I had envisioned "The bleeping Bambino' was a phrase that seemed to grow even stonger.

Instead of going away, "Bucky Bleeping dent" gained even more momentum.

And now, Bill "bleeping" Buckner was added to the list of phrases every Bosox fan knew quite well.

I do know they ended up losing and I had to wait through another 18 years of misery to end my pain.

Call it superstition or whatever else you choose to call it. In 2004, I do know I made a conscious effort NOT to count my chickens before they hatched.

NOT to think of rubbing it in to ANYONE.

NOT to make any plans of how to celebrate in any way shape or form. And most of all,

NOT to have my remote control any where NEAR arm's length.

Superstitions? Silly!

Noticing tendencies? Smart!

For more posts about "Superstitions" this week's Sunday scribblings prompt, please click here.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Fantasy American Idol contest (cut to 12)

Okay I swear this is NOT going to become an American Idol dominated blog. However, it is going to seem that way since this will be two posts in a row. What can I say? The back pain and the nyquil has gone to my head. No no, chick or Michael or more likely Heather let me save you the trouble. No I am NOT taking nyquil for the back pain and wondering why it isn't working. At least not anymore.

Anywhooooo, now that the first trial week of the fantasy idol is over we can move on to the real game hopefully with the kinks worked out. Just a reminder the scoring is as follows.

Correctly name a male singer that survives = 10 points each
Correctly name a female singer that survives= 10 points each.

Note: You do NOT have to name every single participant that will move on. The more out on a limb you go(by naming more) the more points you will receive. However, that makes you more likely to be wrong on one of them and therefore lose 150 points.

Correctly name one of the male singers that gets cut each week=50 points.
Correctly name both male singers that get cut=additional 100 points.

Correctly name one of the females that gets cut each week=50points
Correctly name both female singers that get cut =additional 100 points.

Note: Picking a singer to be cut who does NOT end up getting cut is NOT a penalty. Some people only submitted one cut each last week. As long as there will be two cuts you should submit two picks to be cut.

Picking a singer to survive that gets cut = MINUS 150 points(note this has gone up from 100 that it was before during the test run).

Thanks to a suggestion by Suz, I will add the following. You may submit your pick to win the whole competition now. For each week that your pick to win it all survives you will receive double the points he/she received in the previous week. First week=10 pts, 2nd week=20, 3rd week=40 and so on.

You may change your overall winner pick any time you like, but your scoring will then start over. Once your overall winner pick is eliminated, you can no longer receive points in this part of the scoring.

I think that about covers it. Submit your picks via the comment section. Deadline will be thursday night 7pm est.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Idol chit chat

Alright I have another confession to make. Prior to last season I never once saw a single episode of American Idol. Not one episode, not one minute, I don't think I so much as caught a glimpse of it while scanning through the channels even. If I had a dime for everytime Christine from Ramblings from a Gyspy soul, bugged





If I had a dime for every time she tried to get me to watch it, I would indeed be a rich man. Now though, I have to admit I am fairly hooked. This also means I suppose having to admit that she was right cough cough.

Anyhow, I have avoided posting so much as a word about it until now. Even through the auditions I bit my tongue. I was tempted to mention the girl that got up and did her singing ,occasionally throwing a sound like the lion from Wizard of oz into the middle of her lyrics, but I refrained. I was tempted to mention how not only was it utterly ridiculous of her to try such a thing, but it also sounded more like Chewbacca from star wars than the lion. I figured she had humiliated herself enough, so I bit my tongue.

I really wanted to blast her family and friends for allowing her to make that big of a fool of herself, but I did not. I get supporting your loved ones and their dreams. I get 'you can do anything you set your mind to.' But at some point someone, anyone should have been just a little bit truthful with her.

Memo to Mom, family, Girlfriend, online friends, or anyone else that I let read anything I write. If anything I let you read of mine looking for input makes me look 1/1000th that foolish, Please please PUUUUHLEASE someone, ANYONE have the balls to tell me so before I send it out to the real world. Telling me 'this is good' when you are actually thinking 'holy crap that sucks' is NOT doing me any favors. Likewise, telling that young lady 'sure go do the chewbacca thing in the audition' did nothing but allow her to make a complete idiot of herself.

Okay enough of that. Back to what I started to post this for. With football over and baseball still a month or so away I guess I am jonesing a little bit. No fantasy football, no fantasy baseball, no nothing. I guess I should go ahead and confess to being a fantasy geek as well huh? I propose a little contest which I am kind of sort of making up as I go along to fill the void. Fantasy American Idol. Fellow AI watchers feel free to participate if you wish. If you are still not willing to admit it and are still in the closet fair enough, you may do so anonymously. In the comment section each week tell me your picks to move on, and who will get eliminated. Here is how it works. You can name as many singers as you wish that you think will move on to the next round.

Correctly name a male singer that survives = 10 points each
Correctly name a female singer that survives= 10 points each.

Correctly name one of the male singers that gets cut each week=50 points.
Correctly name both male singers that get cut=additional 100 points.

Correctly name one of the females that gets cut each week=50points
Correctly name both female singers that get cut =additional 100 points.

Picking a singer to survive that gets cut = MINUS 100 points

For now that is it but I will take suggestions for other ways of scoring. Each week will be scored and a winner will be announced. Winners will receive absolutely NOTHING other than the adulation of 4 readers world wide.

If it seems to have any interest we will also have a running season long total as well. Season long winner will receive ummmmm lets see ,,,,,,that would be TWO brand NEW absolutely Nothings other than double the adulation of 4 readers world wide.

This week's totals will NOT count in the season totals, but we WILL play this week just to try and work out the kinks. Who knows, Maybe it just ends up being me and CHristine. Or maybe there are a few others out there still in the closet. Then again, this may well cause my readership to plummet to three who knows. Only time will tell. Deadline for picks will be 7 pm est thursday nights.


Cant believe I am doing this