Monday, January 08, 2007

5 hours and counting

First off, a small public service announcement.....

Paging Mr. Bice, please turn away from the screen.

Close your eyes.

Ignore this post.

Quit reading now and move on.

You have been warned.

As much as I love sports, baseball, basketball, and especially football, I rarely post about it on here. I am not really sure why, though I have considered starting a separate blog for that a time or three.

Today is one of those exceptions. In a little less than 5 hours My Florida Gators will take on the Ohio state Buckeyes in the National Championship game. Noone gives the Gators a chance. Hell being honest, if they play 10 times I would expect the Buckeyes to win 6 or 7 of them.

Here is to hoping this is one of those "other 3 times".

Here is to hoping that tommorrow we are constantly hearing the term "that's why you play the game."

Here is to hoping that the Gators can be the first team ever to win the National title in both basketball, and football at the same time. Well not AT the exact same time but you know what I mean.

Most of all, here is to hoping it doesn't come down to the kicking game. I have been saying all year this kicker was going to bite us in the ass at some point during this year.

And I hate being right ALL the time!



mist1 said...

I couldn't help but notice that you left hockey off of your list.

Bice said...

I'll do my best to fit in. Go Bucks! Am I cheering for right team there?

Michael Thomas said...

Let me see:
Sigo Brother in law - Gators Fan
Sigo - Buckeyes Fan

So if I want to be safe, I should probably root for THE GATORS

Who wants to live safe anyway.

Michael Ward said...

I am sitting here at work in Columbus, Ohio, waiting to go home for the game. I work until 9PM, so the wife will Tivo the start, and we will watch from the kickoff when I get home. I am a Buckeyes fan mostly by marriage, but if you move here, and don't already root for Michagan, you will slowly get sucked in. People are so nuts about OSU here that during the NCAA basketball tournament last year they brought in tv's to our lobby at work so people could watch the games on their lunch and breaks.

Good luck tonight. Many here think OSU will steamroll Florida. But I am quick to remind them that they only beat Miami in 2002 by one score in multiple overtimes.

Enjoy the game.