Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Happy D.A.C. everyone!

The real holiday is finally here.

Call me a scrooge if you must, perhaps it is true.

Accuse me of not being in 'the spirit' if you like, we shall agree to disagree.

Now life can go back to normal for a year at least.

No more waiting in line for 15 minutes every time I run into the store.

No more thinking, 'Man I can't afford to get them something' moments

No more, "I give up i have no idea what to get them" moments.

No more ' damn they got me something' moments.

No more ' Thats who I forgot!" V8 moments

No more, "Aw man I got them something and they didn't get me anything, I hope they dont feel bad cause they reallllllly shouldn't" moments.

No more, "Don't I feel like an ass for not getting them anything' moments.

No more songs about reindeer and how shiny and red their nose is.

No more songs about poor defenseless grand mothers getting run over by reindeer(who were probably too busy looking at their nose and wondering what the big deal is.

I don't know who the hell Jack frost is, but if he ever comes nipping at my nose there may be a problem.

What is it about christmas and noses anyways?

Yes my friends, the reall holiday is here. The day after christmas.

Hope everyone has a great one!

All joking aside, I hope everyone had a merry and safe christmas and a super happy new years.