Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Congratulations Steve Dublanica???

Or should I say "waiter".

For those who may be interested and haven't heard, 'waiter' from waiterrant took off the mask today. His book "Waiter rant: Thanks for the tip---confessions of a cynical waiter" is being released today. As such he has given up his anonymity.

Sure it's not like finding out who zoro really is....

It's not quite like having the mask removed and seeing Bruce wayne underneath......

or a masked wrestler having his identity finally revealed......

but for the countless readers of waiterrant over the years, including myself, it had to be at the very least a curiousity. His blog is among the first that I became a loyal reader of and one of half a dozen or so that I still read consistently to this day even though my blogging, and blog reading is much much less now than it used to be.

Rarely does he put up a new story or post that doesn't result in several people,including myself commenting that 'he should write a book'. With that being the case it is grrrrreat to see that he listened and now all his hard work has paid off in the form of getting published.


Thats a little bit hard to say after all this time. Walter, or Martin would have been my guess though I have NO idea why.

Ohhhhh,,,,,and I thought you would be older, or taller, or something.

Congrats again!