Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is kind of fun

After finishing my last post I have been out surfing a bit. I have left a "F.A.R.T" or two. I have even left an "I.F.A.R.T." I have noticed a bit of a trend. I am almost dissappointed to actually HAVE something to say now. In that case would

"I came in here all ready to just F.A.R.T and run but now I have to comment!" would that be acceptable?

Imagining how the blog owners are reacting when reading any of these is fairly comical to me. I am thirty eight and still occasionally 12 sue me.

Imagining how the same blog owner's other readers will react when seeing that is even more comical to me. "What the hell is this guy dropping by just to say he farts for?"

I think I am now going to start including lots and lots of punctuation. The various meanings of

I.F.A.R.T .
I.F.A.R.T ?

I.F.A.R.T !!!!! could cause more than a few wrinkled brows. I may be banned a time or two who knows?

Maybe next time I am surfing through my stat counter and see someone has visited without leaving a comment I will just head on over to their blog and leave:

U.F.A.R.T ?

in their comment section. Once again, the various punctuation could make it more interesting and fun. If they do so twice in a row,

U.F.A.R.T again? could come in handy.

If they continue to do so over and over and over again, perhaps

"I wish just once in a while you would NOT F.A.R.T when visiting my blog" could work.

The possibilities seem almost endless.

feel free to add your own in comments.



heather said...

you had me confused and concerned there for a moment. i read 'this is fun' before i realised 'my farts don't stink' was there. i was hoping F.A.R.T. was an acronymn but not sure. i am sooo glad it is i deal with enough fart humor between my husband and 6yr old daughter. ;-)wqfnd

Killer said...

I love this idea, and I appreciate you F.A.R.Ting at my place. Please, next time, light a match.

mist1 said...

I love my iFart. It stores over 2,000 farts. What will Apple think of next.

Churlita said...

Ha, ha, iFart. Mist is so funny. F.A.R.T.s are never not funny.

briliantdonkey said...

heather: all I can say is don't fall for the 'pull my finger' thing. That and video tape it to get her back on her wedding day.

Killer: consider it done

mist1: Yet another example of me still being stuck in the past. I still have a boring old Fartman. Sony is da bomb!

Churlita: Welcome to the site, I guess I should come up with another version for women since they are always claiming 'not to fart'.


James Burnett said...

It's 2 a.m., and I'm too sleepy to decipher F.A.R.T.s. But I can't wait to get some sleep and take another crack at this one.

Minx said...

I.F.A.R.T in your general direction.

heather said...

i may have to pull the tape out before the wedding day, as an example showing why her mother is going to be living in a padded cell for a her fav sick joke learned at her father's knee involves a wet hand, a mythical quarter, and a plea for help rescuing said quarter from the toilet. god help me. there are days when that cell looks mighty cozy.

Michael Thomas said...

Thank you, Heather! Now I have something to teach my daughter. Kewl!

Word Verification - bowgyn
Since when are they using that instrument on dogs?

heather said...

aw shucks michael, so glad i could contribute to your daughter's upbringing, or is delinquency the word i'm looking for?
doesn't every dog deserve her own gynocologist?

Susan said...

..hrrm...Nice shoes...


Suz said...

Nice post, duuuuuude!


assinine said...

Hey Brilliant Donkey, Have you discovered CVO Donkey? Here is the link

James Burnett said...

Man, I was really sleepy. It took me till now to get it. Well, my friend, I too have been all day.

Kim G. said...

I have an alternative. For a particularly controversial post where you disagree with the blog author you could leave T.O.O.T.S.

You can FART at my blog any old time. Just open a window before you do . . .

briliantdonkey said...

Minx: that sounds familiar, where is it from? Benny hill or Monty python I want to say but who knows.

Heather: Never heard that one before, but you can bet I WILL use it.....just wait till one of my nephews comes over!

Suz: good to see you again.

JB: Congratulations! you are the one millionth person to not get one of my bad jokes! leave your name and number with the operator for prize notification.

Kim: FABULOUS idea. I love it!

heather said...

just keep in mind that your nephew's mom may not be too thrilled. be prepared for a phone call telling you that you're a sick puppy and no longer allowed to play with the boys.