Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines day

"wake up mom"

Shandra finally registered the shaking of her bed as not being part of a dream and rolled over to find her son staring at her from the side of the bed. Instantly awake she sat up and asked him what was wrong.

"nothing he replied, but don't get out of bed!"

Shandra groaned, remembering the last time he had told her to 'stay here' with that particular look in his eyes. She was about to follow him into the living room when 'peanut butter', scampered into the room. She called the dog and patted the side of the bed urging him to join her. She couldn't help but laugh when instead of jumping up on the bed the dog just stared at her and turned his head in the classic 'I don't understand what I am hearing' way that only dogs have.

"I know, I know I yell at you all the time for jumping on the bed and here I am urging you to do just that. It's okay come on! Besides I AM a woman and therefore reserve the right to change my mind."

Peanut butter paused a moment longer as if considering whether this was a test or not before finally jumping up on the bed to join her.

"Well at least he didn't shave you this time." She said while looking the dog over closely. What is he up to out there huh? It's still a stupid name you know." She smiled at the memory of trying to change vick's choice of names for the dog.

"But peanut butter is my favorite food," he had reasoned at the time.

"I know honey, but peanut butter is just not a good name for a dog. Peanut would be okay, Butter would be okay even but peanut butter? Think of something else you like."

Several suggestions of ice cream, fried chicken, and such later she had finally given in to Peanut butter.

After what felt like an eternity, vick finally swung the door open and told her to close her eyes. She complied and was quite surprised when she was allowed to open them to find a plate of scrambled eggs, pancakes and a bowl of lucky charms sitting in front of her. She looked to vick in surprise.

"Happy Valentines day mom!"

"you made pancakes? All by yourself?"

"Yeah" he said casually, waving it off like it was no big deal.

"The directions are right on the side of the box mom. Put two eggs in a bowl with milk and the mix and beat them with a fork."

"Awww thank you baby that was very sweet of you, it looks so good!"

Vick was now sitting on the side of the bed clearly waiting for her to dig in. Shandra took a tentative bite. The crunchiness of the pancakes told her immediately he had indeed followed the directions on the box quite literally.
She Ignored the bits of eggshell scattered about the pancakes and eggs as long as she could and washed them down with orange juice before moving on to the safer Lucky charms.

"mmmmmm, yummy" she finally said. "This is the best valentines day present ever, and from from the best valentine !"

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Happy valentines day all, especially to all the single moms out there.



SWF41 said...

Hey, my kids never made me Valentines Day breakfasts!

They're grounded. Or, they would be grounded if they weren't too old to be grounded. Can I ground them in principle?


Roadchick said...

Awwww....Donkey....that's sweet. Rockboy (when he is released from his closet) tends to bring the 'chick raisin toast in bed for holidays or sick days.
Best toast ever.

The single moms appreciate it.

heather said...

what a heart warming story. >>hugs<< i think all parents can relate. kids are experts in blindsiding you with random acts of kindness. it's what makes it all worthwhile.

Kim G. said...

Great story, BD. I really like the story of naming the dog. That is SO like my little guy. Great take on the prompt.

James Burnett said...

Excellent piece of writing. I could picture mom and child interacting. Good stuff.

alyndabear said...

Lovely, BD! If I were a single mom, I'd be swooning right about now. Very sweet.

Bug said...

So sweet! I especially love the part about the egg shells. That surprised me!

Ariel said...

That was so sweet BD!!

briliantdonkey said...

Thanks for the kind comments all.

SWF: Go ahead and ground them! I don't want to be the only 38 year old that would still go to his room if mom told me to.