Saturday, February 10, 2007

weekend plans

I am working tomorrow but then am off for my fairly usual Sunday/monday 'weekend'. Nothing major planned other than hoping to finish off a small piece for a contest entry and go to my off season fantasy football league meeting. Other than that it will be nothing more than catching up on the boob tube and washing my badly in need car finally. 24, Beauty and the geek, Survivor, ER, Lost and American Idol to begin with. Time permitting I may finally watch Saw 3, and perhaps even a seinfeld marathon(either that or friends I am not sure). Speaking of 24, if you are a fan of the show head on over to Q's place to see the spoof his cousin did of the show. QUITE funny. You may even like it if you don't like the show but probably not as much.

There is little to no doubt that Jack Bauer is one bad ass mo-fo. However, how long till they ruin that image for me yet again this year. Some things about this show go without saying. You know at some point the phrase 'it is a matter of National security' is going to pop up.

You know eventually someone will aquire some sort of WMD to threaten the nation with.

You know that at some point Jack is going to beat the hell out of someone (probably saying 'don't make me do this, I don't want to hurt you but I will) to make them talk.

You know at some point there will be someone inside(always inside the same damned building) who turns out to be a traitor. What they don't do background checks at CTU?

All of these things are forgivable. Inspite of all this ,I find myself glued to the television week after week wondering what will happen next. And then they ruin it for me.

Then comes the part where Jack is shown running. For such a bad ass I swear he runs like a girl! Okay that takes some perserverence on my part but I can overcome it. As if to push me over the edge though, every year the producers decide running like a girl isn't enough. Lets give him a satchel of some sort to have to carry while running.....and then to torture BD even more so, lets have him where the satchel like a purse draped over his head on the other shoulder.

Dear producers,

Just put some freaking panty hose on him and get it over with!

In comments, what are YOUR weekend plans.

On another note, I thought I had posted this here before already, but I guess I didn't. A few of you may have already read it but in case you haven't here was my entry into the Clarity of Night "silent grey" shortstory competition. The rules were pretty simple, post a story based on the above picture in(gulppppp) 250 words or less.

Anyways here was my entry:

Look at it. Painted over and boarded up to keep out the looky loo's. Don't they realize doing so keeps the victims and their souls locked in? Keeps the truth locked in? The room will be burned into my memory forever, especially the smell; a combination of urine,blood,sweat,tears,and even fear.
To a detective, every room tells a story.
I can still hear their screams. The begging and pleading for their mommies. No amount of Plywood and paint would keep them out of my head. I see the scrapes of missing paint on the radiator and dried blood on the shackles. I see the 12 pairs of kid's shoes piled in the corner. I see the outline of the dirty mattress on the floor after having it sent to the lab. They say a raccoon will chew through his own paw to get free from a trap; now I believe it.
It was a group of detectives entering the room that day, but a group of fathers surveying the grim scene. Words were both unspoken and unnecessary. Wondering what hell these kids had gone through and where they were. Wondering what kind of demon would do such a thing. Unspoken vows that the animal responsible would pay. That case changed many lives.
Johnson turned in his badge the next day.
Jefferson, slowly drank himself to death two years later.
Rodriguez and Koslowski swallowed pistols 5 years apart.
Only I am left to avenge these children but I will never catch me.
A very belated congratulations to all the winners. If you are looking for some interesting shortstories to read head on over to The Clarity of night and read some of the other entries as well. Thanks again Jason for another awesome contest, and even more so for your feedback which as always is appreciated greatly. To all of you who only blog 'on the clock' have a great weekend. To my fellow poor schmoes who don't have that luxury, I hope to see you this weekend sometime.


Bug said...

Wow. This is truly creepy. And I mean that as a compliment!

heather said...

bd, i read this shortly after you posted it on clarity. it made me sick. in a good way. while the twist is classic it was (i thought) well written and unexpected of you. for some reason in my mind you are more of a prankster than a deviant. it took a moment to process.
btw, the comment you gave permission for has been posted in the appropriate place.
and to all: in return for bd's favor i will no longer be voluteering him for anything that does not included several victoria's secret models and a variety of lotions, gels and candles to play with. i do however reserve the right to point anyone in need of a favor in his general direction ;-)

Bug said...

BTW, I just saw I was added to your favorite blogs. I'm so flattered!

alyndabear said...

Great story! -- But you had me distracted by the 24 narrative. I have missed "Jack's Sack" this season. Sniff. He's just not the same without it! Maybe that's why he's running all weirdly - he doesn't have his trusty satchel to balance him.