Thursday, February 08, 2007

Open season

Okay this is YALL's (your welcome Roadchick) ........thats right YALLS fault. I was ready to work on a whole other post tonight when I got home from work but NOOOOO! Instead I go through what has become pretty much the normal routine.

Open the door.......

Talk to kash in ways that would have my man card, and penis repo'd in a heartbeat.

Play with Kash for about 10 minutes.

change clothes, and shower after letting her outside.

Turn on the computer.......

Click on the little Icon.......

whoa! 194 freaking new posts? Do yall not know how slowly I read? How in da heck am I supposed to post something new of my own when I have all that reading to distract me?

With that being the case, and in order to be able to get on with some of that must do reading I am going to cheat a little bit and open up the floor.

If there is anything anyone wants to ask me, here is your chance, Bring it on. Consider it briliant donkey open season. Serious? Joking? Or a combination of the above, let er rip and I will answer as best I can.

Now off to do some more reading.

I repeat, YALLS fault!



The Sarcasticynic said...

Yeah, just one question. How do I get MY blog readership to the point where I have a hundred and ninety four freaking new posts a day?

Michael Thomas said...

BD - Now you know how I feel Monday morning when I get to work and all of you little busybodies have been posting all weekend.

As for an Idea. Consider yourself tagged for the SAW IV. You can find the basics at the ER, Susan's, or Q's. We all start with the same first story part, and you finish it from there. Thank Susan and her twisted mind for that one.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I didn't do it! I posted nothing yesterday;>

I want to know the most dangerous thing you've ever done.

Ariel said...

I did it in a previous blog life. I even have a new name. I feel strange being someone other than me. Who am I? reference: "jerkoff label"

Let's see: You wake up on an island. In front of you stand two beautiful women smiling. They lick their lips and you want to run and grab them. Suddenly you realize you're looking up because you're buried to your neck in sand. Also, you start wondering if the women think you're irresistable or if that's hunger you see in their eyes? How do you handle the situation?

Roadchick said...

Paper or plastic?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Pizza or hot wings?

fringes said...

Does your TV have a remote control or are you still turning those dials?

mist1 said...

I'm with Michael. How do weekend bloggers do it?

I have almost read all of my regular reads today. I have not had breakfast. I have not had lunch. I have to pee. There is someone knocking on the door.

All these things will have to wait.

heather said...

if only 1 person would remember you after you died who would it be? if you could only be remembered (by everyone)by 1 single act what would it be? and on the lighter side, in view of the apparently disappointing super bowl commercials, what was you fav commercial of all time?

Wavemancali said...

I'm sorry... I didn't mean to post twice but they made me do it... there were guns and drugs... and the sun was in my eyes...

Wait who am I kidding... I never set up RSS feeds.

*** In the middle of writing this comment I stopped and downloaded a feed reader for the first time. Turns out my RSS feeds are working automatically and I have a new toy. Too cool.

Wavemancali said...

Oh but wait you wanted questions... What is your social security number?... I won't do anything with it, I'm just curious.

No? Ok, how's this. Does your car reflect your personality or does a car just represent an object that gets you from point A to destination B? Yes I am an elitist pig assuming that you own a car.

Who is the person who has influenced you most in life, good or bad? Who is your hero?

Given unlimited funds where would you live? What would you do?

briliantdonkey said...

Sarc: I think you misunderstood me. I SOOOOOOO don't have 194 comments to wade through. My readership has just recently ballooned up to about 4 in fact. I was referring to blogs that I read on a regular basis having updated posts(194) of them. Actually it wasn't that many. FOr some reason bloglines shows some sites as having say 25 new posts when they actually only have 2. Not sure why that happens.

Chick: Paper or plastic? Plastic but only because it seems to be more readily available to the baggers. Honestly I could care less.

Chocolate or vanilla: DEFINITELY vanilla. Not a huge chocolate lover specially not ice cream wise.

Pizza or wings? Yes please, thank you for asking.

Fringes: Yes my very UN hdtv has a remote control. I can't find it at times(usually when the tv somehow finds itself on an infomercial or oprah but I do have one.)

Mist: how do weekend bloggers do it? I suppose that depends on the weekend blogger but am guessing missionary position, doggie style, and on the couch are not out of the realm of possibility.

Heather: part of that will require a much longer response but as for the commercials? I guess I would have to go with the whole bud-weis-errrrrrrrr series. Especially Louie the lizard. Those always cracked me up.

Wavemancali: My SSN is .......1 not that I am old or anything.

As for all the others, I will have to work those in


Woo woo,Michael,

heather said...

someone help me please, call a shrink fast! i've visited donkeyland to often and what's left of my sanity has finnaly flow the coup!
bd, vanilla is ~the~ prime flavor, without it even chocolate would stink. gotta have vanilla to live.
i'm pretty sure i still have my bud-weis-errrr t-shirts in a box in the attic...... oh good, here come the men with the pretty white jackets and those yummy blue pills.