Sunday, February 25, 2007

Male panel questions and answers

About a week ago I was recruited to the male panel to answer women's questions that they wanted to pose to us guys and get real answers to. I don't know how much 'help' my answers will provide since I don't tend to think like a 'typical guy' but for what it is worth they are posted over at Cardiac Fantasies along with the answers the rest of the panel provided as well. The panel included Myself, michael, Q, and Bice. Feel free to agree. Feel free to whole heartedly DISagree. I just hope if worse comes to worse you(like me) are willing agree to disagree. That and if you DO feel the need to go batshit about one of my answers you do so here on MY blog and don't drag it over to someone elses. I don't see that being a problem, but who knows. Anywhoo here are the list of questions. You will have to click over to see the answers.

Hey guys - sorry about the delay on this - I meant to get this out sooner but apparently it's my turn for Friday chaos. Anyway. Questions are below. Have fun!

Question 1: Why do men say they want a confident, assertive, independent woman, then tuck tail and run when they discover I AM a confident, assertive, and independent woman?

Question 2) What's the deal with guys saying they want a relationship when what they're actually looking for is only a steady, no-strings-attached lay?

Question 3) Why is there ~still~ a double standard regarding past sexual partners. If guys sleep with 6 girls a year they are considered studs. If a girl sleeps with 6 guys a year, they are considered sluts.

Question 4)Why is it that putting the seat and lid down on the toilet is so friggin impossible? All I'm asking is that you leave it as you found it. I gave up on asking you to actually aim for the bowl, but please, put the seat and lid down!

Question 5)Why are fart jokes so predominant in male humor? Is it partly wanting to remain 12 years old? Do you ~have~ to pass it on to your kids?

Question 6)He rarely asks me to come down to his house. If I don't come down, though, he complains and gets all put out. If he wants me around, why doesn't he just ask?

Question 7) Why does he consider rinsing dishes and leaving them on the counter "cleaning the kitchen"?

Question 8)Why is it men get so offended if I insist I can do something myself? Is it that they don't get the idea of a woman that won't break or something?

Like I said before, feel free to agree, disagree, or even continue discussing it.

Thats about it.

Michael over at Cardiac fantasies did a compilation of the whole panel's answers. Likewise Roadchick has a panel of women who were asked questions from guys and did the same thing. Be sure to head on over there and check those out.



Bice said...

Michael sent me this too. I didn't know we were supposed to answer it in a post on our own blog. I sent my answers back to him in email today.

briliantdonkey said...

Bice: I sent it to him via email as well. I was under the impression he is going to compile all of our answers into one general consensus but I may be wrong. Not sure If I should have posted this here or not now that you mention it, but like I told him if I shouldn't have I will be glad to take it down.


christine said...

Very interesting research going on here lol. I'm curious to read all the other male answers, your answers I already expected from you. I agree with a lot of what you said, which is scary cos im female.

heather said...

of course the pun was intended. (i wish, i didn't even notice it till you pointed it out. feel free to pretend i had a glimmer of talent though, however brief it may have been.) thanks for that answer though. i never thought of it that way. kind of a 'i can't be the only one dumb enough to fall for that' i understand that completely

Suz said...

What? Are you trying to start a war here, man?!! J/K! I agree with you except for the toilet seat.

Allow me to show you another side to the etiquette of the toilet seat. See now, it is etiquette to put the lid down for a lady. It's like one of those chivalric gestures such as opening a door. You know we can do it, but we shouldn't have to do it. No lady wants to put her ungloved hands on a toilet seat to put it down before she pees. In theory, if you put it down after you finish, you're on your way to washing your hands anyway. Besides, as you point out, it's not worth the wailing you must endure if you don't just put it down.


mist1 said...

Now I want to see everyone else's responses.

Esmerelda said...

I read question one, and I felt like I was getting the keys to the gates of heaven...I've even been told I INDIMIDATE men. Your answer is true enough, it still doesn't solve my problem! Humph!

(rest of the answers were funny)

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

While I think it is a better idea to leave the toilet seat and lid down for cleanliness, I do not complain or nag about it not being put that way. I'm the one that needs the seat down, so if it isn't left that way, then I put it down...just like he'll have to put it up if I was the last one to use it because I would have left it down. No big deal to me.

I can't wait to read the compiled list. I enjoyed the answers to men from women already.

SWF41 said...

Regarding question one - don't you hate these kind of questions? It's the whole person we like or don't like, not just the personality. When I hear questions like this, I automatically hear somebody whining, "why doesn't he like me?" He just doesn't. It's that simple.

Question number two -- where are these guys? Please give them my email address.


Just telling it like it is said...

BD: On question 1. What a smart smart answer...Here is how I feel girls it is really all about chemistry..really either it is there or it is not, most men know what they want and sometimes he's just not that into you and vise versa..women you know we all have that one guy that is great, treats us better than anyone, but the chemistry is just not there...It really is scientific... who knew

Q #2. I guess this really depends on the type of person one is. If you do not really see sex as a sacrete event then you'll be willing to give it to anyone. Kind of cheapens it..for both men and women if you ask me.

Q#About the toliet seat...this used to be a problem for me..however, in the grand sceem of life how important is it really?? It is not worth the fight, my boyfriend always leaves the toliet seat up, but he also cooks for me, gives me massages, and makes me feel very special, why fight ladies when they do alot of good I say pump them up and tearing them down can cause more harm than good...

Good me some ideas..thanks..

James Burnett said...

I agree with most of your answers. But I have to disagree on the double standard about past partners. I don't think it exists much anymore.

Like the rapper Ludacris said "(guys) are ho's too!"

And most guys I know - even those who still consider themselves to be players - have enough humility these days that they don't want to advertise past hook-ups.

Sebastien said...

Oh, interesting questions. Yeah, definitely a double standard on the slut thing, but I think that's changing... at least I hope it is.

Ah, the grass is always greener on the other side, tis always a problem...

Michael Thomas said...

BD, with this comment you are now tied with the Main Panel Post for comments - there is just something wrong there. So for those that are here and want the whole Answer list, it's posted at the ER now.

briliantdonkey said...

Christine: so it only took 8 years of chatting, 4million games of spades and countless debates to make you see a thing or two my way......schhhhweettt!

heather: Don't worry, we can't all have a totally dry, completely corny sense of humor.

Suz: interesting regarding the etiquette thought process.

Esmerelda: welcome to the blog, thanks for stopping by. If I could solve THAT problem life would be good. I will work on it though. For a warm up and practice I will start with some easier things like racism, the war in Iraq, and politics. THEN move on to this kind of tough stuff.

Woowoo: Great to see you don't make a big deal about it, nor do I. I find it rather funny more than anything.

SWF: I tend to hear myself whining in that way at times so I can't claim to be totally innocent in that regard.

Telling it like it is: If the toilet seat thing is the biggest problem in a relationship someone is in VERY good shape.

JB: I think the double standard definitely still exists so we will have to agree to disagree. It does seem to be evening out quite a bit though.

Sebastion: Good to see you back. Most definitely a problem. By the time most realize it ISN'T always greener, it is too late unfortunately.

Michael: hopefully that is fixed now.