Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Super bowl commercials

So I have just recently heard of a new strategy that big companies are using. I don't know how true it is but it seems like a brilliant idea to me. Memo to self: You may need to change the name of your blog to spell it right. You just had to backspace and add the extra 'L' cause you are spelling it wrong without doing so intentionally anymore.


Basically, they make a commercial that they know won't get by the ad committee. They then post it on something like you tube and the like and instead of paying millions to be seen by say a million Americans, it can be seen world wide.

For instance there is this one:

Call me crazy, but that was infinitely better than any of the ones from the actual game to me.



The Sarcasticynic said...

I think Budweiser has discovered the secret to reducing the price of advertising on the Super Bowl from half a billion dollars for a thirty second spot down to twelve dollars.

mist1 said...

There are two Ls in briliant?

heather said...

bd, don't forget to pick up your paycheck at budwieser. seeing how as you are now working for them. let me know if they pay in beer, i may want to work for them too. lol

Just telling it like it is said...

Yes, that was cute...I often find that when my sister drinks a lot of beer she flashes her boobs too..

James Burnett said...

OK, that was effen hilarious - hilarious with one L. That lets JJ and JT off the hook.

I was very disappointed in this year's commercials. I thought the only ones remotely funny were the Budweiser spots, most notably the face slap greeting.

heather said...

oh and thank you so much for offering to help the chick move {smiling ever so sweetly }

briliantdonkey said...

Sarc: Call me crazy, but I think it is a mind blowingly brilliant idea.

Mist: so I have been told though I am stil fighting it,,,,out of principle you know.

Heather: sure, sure I will tell you. And while I am at it should I ever trip on a hot girl that thinks I am 'da bomb', loves football, sex, and paying for all dinners, perhaps I will just tell others about THAT as well.

JTILII: well that didn't work, but apparently my laziness outweighs my prudishness for appropriat acronyms......anywho......Just telling it like it is: Is she single? errrrr ummmmmm Michael will want to know.

JB: I couldn't agree more, the commercials sucked almost as much as the game did. I kind of liked the psycho hitchiker pick up one, but that was more by default than anything.

Heather: I offered to help chick move? How much did I have to drink? Someone musta slipped me a mickey!