Sunday, April 29, 2007

Overdue homework

So a little over a week ago, Heather in her infinite wisdom decided to give me a 'thinking blogger' award. In the spirit of 'innocent until proven guilty' the briliant donkey legal department would like to point out the following disclaimer:

The owner of this blog makes NO claims (expressed or implied) of THINKING whatsoever.

I, for what it is worth, am not sure what SHE may have been thinking. I suspect in fact that after finding out what she has done they may very well have revoked HER thinking blogger award.

Perhaps she misread it and thought it was supposed to be the 'stinking blogger' award.

Perhaps she has been talking to one of my exes and thought it said the 'shrinking blogger' award.

Once again the briliant donkey legal department would like to point out that:

A)exes always have an axe to grind

B)It was cold in that pool!


C)Even if he was no where near a pool at the time Florida is surprisingly cold in July!

Anyways, for whatever misguided reason she decided to give me this award. Part of this is that I am supposed to nominate 5 other blogs that make me think( which I am still not admitting to).

So without further ado, I hereby nominate the following.

James over at Burnettiquette: James posts almost every day and does so in a way that never fails to keep me interested and coming back for more. His posts cover everything from bad manners to all sorts of so called taboo subjects like race and religion. Agree or disagree with his point of view on any particular subject, I am willing to bet he WILL manage to make you think about it.

Laini and Meg over at Sunday scribblings. Each week these two ladies post a prompt meant to get your writing juices flowing. While I don't participate every week, I do often. Sometimes their prompts spur on at least a post. Other times they spur on even more. On a sidenote, congratulations to Lainie whose book "Faeries of Dreamdark Blackbringer" was published and will be available around June. I am quite tickled to hear this news, I can not imagine how SHE must feel.

Chris over at Inane thoughts and insane ramblings . Chris's blog is a great mixture of a lot of my favorite things. Humor, food, family, and even some posts that tend to make normal people think. I think the thing I like most about his blog is seeing the number of worthless husbands/fathers out there in the world giving us(men) a bad name, it is good to see some out there making us look better.

Mr. Schprock of the Schprock report. While I am fairly new to visiting his blog a few things don't take very long to realize. He provides a good combination of humor, and thought provoking posts which are always very well thought out and written. Oh and he is a fellow Bosox fan so that just makes it all the better.

Debra over at The barmaid blog is among my favorite blogs to read. Her posts rarely fail to make me laugh, almost cry, and yes even think(IF I actually EVER did which I still won't admit to). The part that impresses me the most though is she does this almost sneakily by wrapping her stories around the messages.

So there they are my 5 nominations.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to Ilker so that people can easily find the origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

Ummmm this unfortunately is not optional for me. I have ZERO clue how to get this into my sidebar so if someone wants to clue in the clueless(that's me), feel free.



Beth said...

Thanks for the recommendations. In my off time, I'm always looking for good things to read.

I didn't vote for any of your contest favorites, which made me laugh. People are so different, eh?

Oh, btw, Mr. Schprock has already been nominated umpteen times.

Susan said...

Don't worry, BD, I've been spreading rumors that women WISH the water would be that cold when it comes to you. ;)

heather said...

bd, you just don't pay attention do you? not that that is surprising at all. ;-) i said elsewhere that you ~cause~ me to think, ~not~ that you think!
btw, kiddo has ~two~ blogs!! one just for meme's. she's sooo smart, and organised too. :-)

heather said...

ok, i think i can help you with this. i had to go put it up on my site first. go to
and at the bottom of that post there are two links, one for silver and one for gold. choose one, download it to your picture files and then add to your sidebar the same way you would a new picture or link list.

briliantdonkey said...

Beth: Are you accusing me of bad taste??????(enter jerry springer show posture and waggle here)

HUH? huh?

Don't MAKE me upset after being offended and ready to DO something aboud it!

Okay okay dont make me BLUFF to be ready to do something about it while cowering scared in the corner! Seriously, It isn't all that surprising to me. Just look at the contest. One picture, 59 different interpretations many of them soooooo much different from the all of the others. Re: schprock that doesn't surprise me at all. I was surprised NOT to see it on his sight.

Susan: Wooooohooooo! You go girl! errrrr wait this rumor spreading? It is to women right? I am soooooo not falling for that spreading the rumor to guys at a gay club thing.

at least not again.

okay okay, at least not again this week!

Heather: that does sound like a good idea. Thanks for the tip.


SWF41 said...

The link for the barmaid blog is broken/doesn't work. Can you repost?

Susan said...

Luckily you didn't rule out farm animals or those circus people. You know the ones...They, at least, seemed to know you.

heather said...

~nice~ comment kiddo! high five!!
ok bd, what's your sa answer to that one, huh.....

briliantdonkey said...

SWF: I will check and or fix the link. It is in my sidebar as well though if you are in a hurry or is that one acting up as well?

Suz:Farm animals? Nahhhhhh!

Sorry that was corny even for me. errrrr I mean Nope no farm animals. I haven't been working in Biffy for that long and have never even BEEN to (enter name of state here that I won't mention to keep the stalkers away from you)! Well I can't help with heather but it should help keep the rest of them away. Circus people I haven't ruled out. Following the whole 'hairy mary' incident a bearded lady may not seem so bad.

Heather: high five? You DO know she can't promote you don't you?


word verification: KYfknfny

Never found KY to be all that funny myself but to each his/her own.


Susan said...

People shouldn't encourage me with such things has high fives. I can promote her, BD. Never underestimate the power of branded live stock.

heather said...

lol, i'm not sure if i'm thankful or not for that kiddo, depending on how i read that it's either affirming or frightening. ;-)

oh, and ky can be f**king funny, you've just got to use your imagination.

Susan said...

'round these parts if KY is required so is imagination.

Susan Flemming said...

Hello BD... I see you've been tagged with the Thinking Blogger Award too. So like it or not... you must be a thinker. :o)

BTW... I saw your comment on my blog and I'm trying to figure out the RSS feed thing and how it's supposed to work. As I mentioned in my reply to your comment... I don't know much about how RSS feeds work. I just assumed you clicked on the RSS button then when the next page came up, you clicked on the "Subscribe to this feed button." But I'm not quite sure how that works with Bloglines. But I'm checking into it.

Chris said...

See? In honor of this being "Overdue Homework", I'm just getting around to commenting about it:)

You made me feel really good with your kind words!

James Burnett said...

BD, do you believe in "Better late that never?" I hope so, 'cause I'm playing a month's worth of catch up in blogging. I've had deadlines to meet for my agent, deadlines I didn't want to miss if I hope to call myself a published author within the next 12 months. Anyway, I'm honored that you tagged me with the "Thinking Blogger" award. And even though I'm late to the game, I will address it and post my five over the holiday weekend. Thanks for the vote of confidence, my friend.