Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blog spot light

No, this is NOT a picture of my kitchen!
Mine doesn't look this good actually. Just kidding, put down the can of raid and back away from the monitor
Actually, Jason over at the Clarity of Night is hosting another short fiction writing contest. In "The endless hour", his 5th contest, participants are to write a shortstory of no more than 250 words based on the above picture . I myself have participated in the last 3 contests and even had a bit of success. If I can do it(stay under 250 words), ANYONE can. If you have ANY interest in trying your hand at writing and are looking for a place to begin, I VERY HIGHLY recommend you head on over and participate.
Even if you don't wish to write one, head over and check out the entries. You may be pleasantly surprised. I will let you see the guidelines for yourself over there. However, I will at least point out that the deadline is Wednesday the 25th, at 11pm est.
On another note, Liz of "Killer rants" fame, has started a new blog. Looking for advice on how to handle an annoying boyfriend? A psycho girlfriend? Wondering how to handle a friend obsessed with his own balls? Better yet, wondering how to NOT 'handle' a friend who seems obsessed with his own balls?Even if you have a friend obsessed with somebody ELSE'S balls, head on over to The no jive zone and find out the best way to handle it. She is giving advice.

Free advice.

Good advice.

And doing so with the kind of humor which we have come to expect from Liz.
Now that I think about it, considering I have all of four readers(Hi MOM, MOMalias!), maybe I should change the title of this post to "Blog flashlight".


fringes said...

Thanks for the news about the contest and about Liz. You're like CNN without all the White House coverage.

mist1 said...

I think that's my kitchen, except that I only see one wine bottle.

Ariel said...

Speaking of kitchens, shouldn't you be in one makin' me a pie, BD? ;) If you're not doing home renovations then you need to handle the cookin'..

SWF41 said...

I am not your mother.

But you do need to clean your room.


heather said...

surely you're up to about ten readers by now aren't you?? i could have sworn with all of your siblings, your mom and i reading that made ten. or maybe 9, either way. ;-)

heather said...

oh, and it's bnn over here. thanks for the idea fringes! lol

Liz said...

Thanks for the free advertising! I'm going to miss this writing contest, but let me know the next time. I'd love to enter!

briliantdonkey said...

Fringes: always glad to help...

Mist: the wine bottle also appears to still have something in it. THAT eliminates you from suspicion more than just being one.

Ariel:I DID the home renovations while you were at work,,,,,tada! welcome to your new kitchen!

SWF: does this mean I can tell my mom you have been in my room? She will be sooooo impressed, as will the rest of the internet.

Heather: A)I don't think mom really reads the blog. B) trying to count that high while typing is difficult since my fingers are always moving.

Liz: Your welco.......wait did you say FREE? who said anything about free? And NO I won't take payment in the form of killer belly button lint! Fool me once........


Just telling it like it is said...

Alright...we know it is not Mist1's kitchen...OMG I'm a little embarrassed...I think that it is my kitchen!
To my defence, I haven't been home a lot...
Although I see many gross things at work...Ihave to tell you I almost had a anaphlatic allergic reaction to seeing this pic...I am definatly a bacteria phobe...I know it's a problem...I took a benadril just in case.

Ariel said...

It's..beautiful! Wait, wasn't that wine bottle full when I left??

James Burnett said...

That looks like my college dorm kitchen sink. I'm heading over to check out the writing entries. Do you have a horse in this race?

briliantdonkey said...

Just: Guess that is a benefit of being in the medical field, KNOWING what your symptoms mean....then again in my case maybe that would be a bad thing.

Ariel:Damn right it was full when you left. It was also NEW. Not that I drink OR take forever to do a job or anything.

JB: Not yet. I have mine done though. I am just sitting on it for a day or two to see if there are any changes that I want to make. Are you going to enter?


Chris said...

Free advice? How about "how to clean a kitchen"? ha ha

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