Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday Blog flashlight

Okay so I am a day late, sue me. This Friday blog flashlight idea is one I have been meaning to do for a while but haven't ever really gotten around to doing it. We shall see how it goes. Last week I posted a bit about Jason's contest over at the clarity of night. While the prizes are nice, and the feedback great, my favorite thing about his contests is I always manage to find any number of new blog reads that turn out to become my regular reading material.
Anyways, I meant to post about this much earlier this week so sorry for the delay. Especially since the deadline is Sunday. For those of you who managed to whet your appetite in the Clarity of night writing contest last week I have come across another one. Maht over at Moon Topples is having a contest of his own. No no, this is NOT a case of someone that was dissappointed in the results of the last one, running off to start his/her own. While I just found his blog THROUGH Jason's contest, he has done these before this as well. I won't bore you with all the rules but the deadline is the 7th and the word count is 500(if I am not mistaken.) Head on over and check it out. Just don't tell him EYE sent you or he may never let you back in.

If I don't see you before then, Have a great weekend!



heather said...

i had seen this one as well, but the word 'growth' just wasn't speaking to me. i'm more visual must be. i may do one of his in the future, who knows. i'll have to stop by and check out what you wrote though. i always like your stories. :-)

briliantdonkey said...

To be honest, growth really isn't speaking to me much at all either. I MAY have an idea but not sure it will work or not. we will see.


The Moon Topples said...

I'm willing to admit at this point that my prompt may well be a dud. I've received a lot fewer entries than last time, at any rate.

Ironically, Heather, the theme last time was "Vision."

My whole goal with the prompt is to have it be open enough that people can write about virtually anything. Looks like I'll have to dig a little deeper next time.

Anyway, thanks for the mention.