Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just a quick note/reminder about Jason's short fiction contest over at The clarity of night. The deadline is in two days(wednesday 11pm est) so if you haven't already entered head on over and do so. Again, even if you don't plan to enter I very strongly reccomend you go over and read over some of the entries. I never fail to be surprised and impressed by the level of competition. For what it is worth here is the link to my entry "It's all relative.

All comments about it are more than welcome. Yes yes that even includes(perhaps especially so) critiques of it.



Scott said...

Hey Mr. Donkey, thanks for dropping by the blog and saying hello. I love Jason's contests. He really pulls a lot of people into the same room.

heather said...

'Mr. Donkey'...LMAO hahahahahaha hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha

now don't go getting a big head or i'll have to bring up some of your really old posts, and maybe a more recent one or two.

anyway, the movie i was trying to think of the other night was you, me, and dupree. crappy movie. great short story though. :-) your writing ~almost~ always makes me happy. sometimes though it just worries me.

briliantdonkey said...


Thanks for stopping by. I too always enjoy the hell out of his contests. His was one of the first ten blogs I ever read actually and still is among my very favorites. It definitely brings out all types.

Heather: A) shut up, lol and B)Yes I found that movie and even rented it just to make sure I hadn't seen it, forgotten it and unknowingly gotten my idea for the contest from it. Thanks for the kind words. Now if you will excuse me I have to go scour all these other blogs and see what you have volunteered me to paint,build,draw or clean as payment.


heather said...

nothing yet....the night is still young though. got any songs for ariel/susan/kiddo?

briliantdonkey said...

No not really I am horrrrrrible at songs/titles/who sings em. The only one that comes to mind is "Shes got legs" by ZZTOP,,,,,paired with a nice mini skirt and high heels should do the trick.....hrrrrmph! as if I didn't already have enough mental images of Ariel floating around in my brian.....yes BRIAN!


Nothingman said...

Hey BD, thanks man for telling me about Jason's contest, I almost missed out on that one, just hoping my entry makes it in time. Even I didn't check your blog for a long time so I guess the apologies[if any] go both ways. ha ha ha, dude link to me!! I like links! they let people know that A Story A Day exists ;)

Thanks again man, I'll be checking back :)

Take care!


Kim G. said...

Great story! Clever little twist at the end for an added punch. Let us know how you do in the contest! :)

mr. schprock said...

I just read your entry. Hilarious! It's got my vote, BD.

heather said...

your 'brian' lol, god knows why but you crack me up. :-)

Bernita said...

High caliber of entries in Jason's contest.