Monday, August 28, 2006


This week’s prompt for Sunday Scribblings is “monsters”. I had a lot of options as far as where to go with this prompt. I am not sure I ended up choosing the right one but oh well, it is the best I can do at 2 am. I suspect we all have our monsters in our lives. Whether it is a fear of sharks due to movies like Jaws, or ghosts from the poltergeist I guess we all have them. My own personal one is snakes but I am not going to talk about them at all. Nope, just thinking about them gives me the heebee jeebies so (enter George Bush Senior voice here) ,,,,,, “not gunna doit, not gunna doit”. Most monsters we grow out of at some point in our lives. Jaws and snakes and the like just make less sense when we are older. When we realize they are not real. My monster on the other hand gets MORE prevalent the older I get. He torments me numerous times every week and I just don’t know how to get rid of him.

I am being chased and my attacker is getting close. I manage to reach out in desperation and slap it away. Stunned it backs off and gives me time to gain more ground. Soon I am running through the woods with branches and trees slapping me in the face. I think that maybe just maybe I am going to be able to get away. Then I hear its loud piercing scream again and know that I was mistaken. It is still looking for me and soon it will be back.

I lie on the beach watching the waves roll across the shore. Who am I kidding? I am also watching the women roll across the shore as well. I rub sun tan lotion on, adjust my towel to be more comfortable, and close my eyes. Ah, a day off, with pay. I watch as a few children begin tossing bread to a group of seagulls. They flutter their wings against the wind and nimbly pluck the bread out of the air a piece at a time. I hear their pleasant chirping and lean back closing my eyes once again. This is the life. Suddenly the chirping gets much more high pitched. I open my eyes half expecting to see 4 million of them but instead the monster is back. Down the beach and heading my way. I throw sand at him and once again he is stunned into silence. I take the time to once again make my escape.

I am driving around in my new Jaguar convertible. I don’t remember trading in ole mustang sally but that is how things seem to go in this world. A gentle breeze is blowing through my hair and the sun beats down on the top of my head. I watch as a group of attractive ladies crosses in front of my car and am pleased to see one of them looking back to flirt with me. I smile back and try to think of something witty to say. Just as I do, a loud blaring horn invades my thoughts. I blink and suddenly I am sitting on the train tracks with a train bearing down on me as fast as it can. Sitting in the conductor’s seat is the monster and he has a huge shit eating grin on his face. You thought you had lost me that grin seems to say. I fight with the ignition, and finally get the car started. Looking back and giving him the single finger salute I peel away. Narrowly escaping him yet again I begin to relax.

Now I am back in the woods. Taking in the scenery of the surrounding mountains. There are no mountains in Florida where I live, but oh well, that is how things seem to work in this world. I watch as a few butterflies take flight from the flowers in front of me. Beautiful I think. I love Mother Nature, at least when she is in a good mood. I hear something snap behind me and turn around just in time to see a bear standing on its hind legs. It opens its mouth to let out a ferocious roar. I am puzzled to hear the roar is high pitched again, until I realize my monster has just changed uniforms yet again. He can change costumes all he wants, his voice will always give him away. I take off running again and feel the ground shaking behind me. I am pumping and pumping my legs as fast as they will go but for some reason I don’t seem to be getting any where. I look down and am somehow not too surprised to see I am running in quicksand. Oh well, that is just how things work in this world. Just when I think it is useless I come out into a clearing and have gotten away yet again.

Now I am falling. OH my God I am falling. The clearing was no clearing at all. It was a cliff and now my heart races as I tell myself not to panic. This works until I realize that I don’t have a parachute. This could be a problem, even in this world. Then I relax, as I realize I am not falling at all. I am diving instead. I don’t need a parachute cause I am diving into a pool filled with money. There are crisp 5’s , 10’s twentys, and even some 3 thousand dollar bills. Woohoooo I shall be rich!

I hear the loud scream again and look back down at the money. I fully expect to see my monster standing there awaiting my arrival. I don’t see him at first until he lets out another high pitched sound that this time is clearly a laugh. Oh no, that is no pool after all. That is my monsters mouth. Panic begins to set in again. Until I realize that there is a pattern going on here. Six minutes of peace, followed by Piercing screams, followed by me fighting him off, followed by six minutes of nirvana , and so on and so on the cycle continues.

Eventually I tire of fighting the monster. I endure his taunting laugh as he realizes he has won yet again.

Swinging my feet out of bed and turning off the alarm completely this time, I mumble. Tomorrow, Tomorrow I shall defeat you you bastard.

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Roadchick said...

Oh, the 'chick knows that monster all too well - she had to do battle with him only this morning.

Hey - keep safe with Ernesto (?) rolling in...hopefully it'll go elsewhere.

christine said...

Whoa! NO idea until the end what the monster was. And when I realized it, I had to reread your post. Fantastic! :)

TwilightSpider said...

This was so much like my own dreams - everything always changing,metamorphosing. But hey, that's just how it works. Good job capturing that dreamy feeling.

Michael Thomas said...

This is awesome. You have totally caught that helpless feeling that we all feel at times in dreams, where nothing you can possibly do will change what's about to happen.

The nature of the beast was well hidden too, even after the first read. Just slow, this morning, I suppose. Heh heh.

Dream Well


Kim G. said...

Oh, that is a wicked, wicked monster. He knows how to rear his ugly head at the worst time! Clever post!