Friday, August 03, 2007

Contest entries

Well time is already up for the Clarity of night contest. From the looks of it, with 83 entries, Jason had another awesome turnout. If you haven't made it over to read them head on over and check them out. A lot of them are QUITE good. If you DID enter, your work is only half done. Now comes the voting part of the competition, so get to reading. The object of this one was to write a story in 250 words or less based on teh picture I had posted in my last post. For what it is worth, here was my somewhat rushed entry.

Waitingby Brilliant Donkey

My Dearest Charlene,

I feel in my heart of hearts that our cause is just, and in the end the union shall indeed prevail. However, I fear that my time left on this earth is short. We have already suffered numerous casualties and to say that we are getting beat today would be a serious understatement. Rumor has it General Sherman has us surrounded and out numbered at least 4 to 1. Normally, I ignore the rumor mill but the constant sound of incoming fire closing in defies me to do so this time.

I do not fear death for I believe whole heartedly in heaven. I strongly believe that when we die, we go to the place in our lives where we were the happiest. For me, that is the clearing in the woods where we went on our picnics before I left. That place where the sun always seemed to shine, your eyes always seemed to sparkle, and where you gave me the news that a little one would soon be on the way. If I should indeed perish here today, know it will be with thoughts of you in my heart, and your name on my lips. Know that I will be waiting for you in that clearing.

Waiting to see those deep green eyes.

Waiting to see that smile which always touches and melts my heart.

Waiting to take your hand in mine and walk together through the pearly gates.


Love always,Andr

Next comes a contest being run by Mr.Fabulous. In this one he supplies the first part of a story and you have to finish it up in 225 words or less. If you have not entered this one you still have time but you may want to hurry. The beginning of the story supplied by him is as follows:

It was a dark and stormy night. John and Marsha stared glumly at the fuel gauge in their Ford Taurus, which read empty.
“I guess we get out and walk from here,” sighed John, “Maybe we can find someone still up at this hour.”
Wordlessly they bundled up as best they could, got out of the car, and began to walk down the road. The rain had let up some, but they were still going to get soaked. After about thirty minutes of walking down the dark road, they rounded a bend and came upon what looked to be a farmhouse. Every light was on in the house, and as they got closer they could hear music coming from inside.
“Well, we may be in luck, ” exclaimed John.
The couple walked up onto the porch and after a moment’s hesitation, John knocked on the door. They waited, but no one came to and answered. John knocked harder. The music stopped. Silence. Then after another minute, they heard the lock turning and the door swung wide open.
“Well hello!” said.......

At this point you are to fill in the rest of the story in 225 words or less. With that in mind here is my submission.

....the burly man answering the door in his birthday suit. He was covered in hair everywhere but his head and seemed to have been sweating profusely.

“Well? come on in! we’ve been spectin ya! I tried to wait but she’s quite the kinky one as you can see.”

“Uhhh sorry to bother you so late, but our car broke down, Can I just use your phone?”
The man’s unibrow wrinkled in confusion for a moment before he answered.

“oh,,,,the phone, sure, hold on a second.”

“Harold?” Came the sound of a sultry female voice from the top of the stairs.

“You big stud muffin! Is that them? Yall get up here. The oils are getting cold and these batteries won’t last forever you know!”

“No it’s not them” Harold yelled looking over his shoulder. “Just someone that needs the phone. Can you bring it down dear?”

How could this night get any worse? John wondered as he waited patiently and avoided making eye contact with Marsha who appeared ready to kill him on the spot.

Minutes passed which felt like hours.

“here you go” said the female voice now just on the other side of the door.
Harold opened the door a bit to reach inside for the phone allowing the briefest of glimpses of the owner of the voice.


Hope you enjoy,



Turnbaby said...

I love your piece "Waiting"

And your Fab entry is hilarious!!

briliantdonkey said...

Turnbaby: Thanks, I am glad you enjoy them. Please refrain from using the term "your fab entry" ever again.


heather said...

the clarity entry is beautiful. i love it.

your entry for fab's contest is typical bd, funny and irreverent.

great job on both. :-)