Friday, August 03, 2007

ahhhhh life

Is good again!!!! After 45 minutes on the phone with a tech support guy I finally have my wireless up and running. Yay!!!! Like sex, It could have been done in 8 minutes were it not for the constant 'huh's? and "whats?" and "could you repeat thats" caused by my trying to understand the first support tech's accent. It was all I could do not to try an imitation and say 'would you like a nice cherry slushy wid dat?" So maybe I watch too much simpsons, sue me.

In fairness, I imagine him trying to understand my southern drawl was no picnic either and strongly suspect he is typing something about it on his blog as we speak. It probably says something along the lines of "damned deese southern peeepl, what da fock does 'yall' mean anyways?"

Anyways, I am not complaining. I am sitting in my lazyboy typing this as we speak. I think I can pretty much feel my ass getting bigger by the keystroke. This is the life!

Then again, perhaps having the wireless/lazyboy access returned is not completely a good thing. Last week on the Open Mic Night show ,co-host and stalker , regular reader Heather, pretty much told me to 'quit whining about it and deal with it.'

"I have to do so from my laundry room so just get over it." I beleive were her words. I decided to give it a try just to see things from her point of view and noticed a few things.

Phew,,,,it WAS indeed hot out there! And for the most part a bit too noisy. I began to feel a bit ashamed at my whining about it and even feel a bit of pity for heather. Then it hit me, Is she sitting on the dryer while she is doing this? If so, THATS not uncomfortable at all!

I always thought some of those 6 post days she has(not to mention the laundry always being done in her home)had to do with too much coffee or redbull. Perhaps now I have stumbled on the real truth.

I imagine things like the following being uttered in the Heather household:

"Cheeks, damned you! What did I tell you about keeping your clothes so clean?"

"Napkin? you don need no steeeenkin napkin! Just wipe it on your sleeve!"

"Sure J, go ahead and use 3 different towels in a day!"

"Pshhhhawwww! Skidmarks, schmid marks! I am not worried about it at all!"

Me thinks I may be onto something. Somebody call the news stations, I may have a scoop for them.



Susan said...

Oh BD, dear BD. you do know you've opened a can o' worms, right? or is a can of whooop arse? I would try to defend you but I believe you agreed when I was accused of writing smut. >:|

mark said...

Briliant (observation) donkey! =)

And on a completely unrelated note... for the record... I am Mark. My blog is Weird Uncle Wally. I have NOT assumed another alias.

I thought I'd made that pretty clear but apparently some people, I'm not naming any names (you and heather) didn't catch that in the first post... or the at the top of the left sidebar. :D

briliantdonkey said...

Susan: Please check your facts madamn. If you go back and listen to the archives, you will clearly see that I did NOT agree that you were writing smut. EYE said I hadn't read it yet, or in the pursuit of smut I may have said "now I have to go click on her link", but I did NOT agree that you were writing smut.

So,,,,,go ahead and get busy defending me. Just make it quick, cause since reading it AFTER the show, NOW I agree you were writing smut.

Just kidding :)

Mark: You must have me mistaken with someone that lets facts get in the way of a good story.


briliantdonkey said...

Btw Susan,

Heather don't scare me.

At least not while she away on vacation.


Susan said...

I do write smut. I'm Princess Smut. I think Heather should make me a crown.

Jeff said...

Glad you're plugged back in, or unplugged, whichever the case may be, BD.

btw- Good job on your story for the "Halo" contest. Me likes it.

Mr. Fabulous said...

When I sit in my recliner with my laptop it's my cock that gets bigger with every keystroke.

But that's me.

heather said...

i'm back....

response at my place.


heather said...

i'm denying catagorically any culpability for any comments left regarding you over at my place.

my lawyer told me to say that.

just so you know. ;-)

Turnbaby said...

LMAO about tech support except i lost about five hours of my life dealing with them.

And I write smut but it's so pretty I call it erotica ;-)