Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend wasn't a complete loss

All in all I had a fairly good weekend. First, I bought season five of "The shield" and watched it all the way through in two days. Needless to say, I didn't get off of my couch very much except to try and figure out what I just did with the damned remote!

Second,The "Growth short fiction" contest over at The moon topples(see sidebar or a couple of posts back for the link) deadline has passed. I ended up submitting a story though truthfully I am not all that happy with it. Especially since I couldn't work out a lot of the details till almost the last minute but that is noone's fault other than my own. One of the rules is each entry is to remain anonymous until the voting is closed. Therefore, I can't send you over to my specific entry or post it here yet. I DO suggest if you are looking for some new stories that you head over and check them out though.

Third, and perhaps most importantly I fulfilled my quota of sophmoric humor.

For now.

I finally managed to get my new avatar thingamabob to work that I was talking about yesterday. I was actually hoping to get it put in the header, but like it better where it ended up in the sidebar now that I see it. Anyways, a friend of one of my 3 readers(suz) put that together for me a while back so I can't take a single bit of the credit for it at all. Thanks a lot JJ(and Suz), I DO much appreciate it!

Fourth, The very much esteemed mist is hosting the Carnival of the Mundane on the 11th. Wheter it is because noone else volunteered or she sent me the invite by accident I don't know, but she has asked me to participate which I will. Stay tuned for that.

Fifth, I finally, FINALLY managed to do some updating in the bloglinks department. For those that have been waiting a while I apologize but I think I got most if not all of the ones I had been meaning to add. (probably not, but that is what I am telling myself).

Have a good tuesday all,



SWF41 said...

I can't get into The Shield. I've tried, periodically. I love bald, uber-male men. That show, though? ehhh.

If I had an entire season of House on DVD, though, you'd never see me.

NancyPearlWannabe said...

The couch sounds like a mighty fine weekend to me. Except I need Season 2 of Alias.

Jenny! said...

I just finished watching the second episode of Sheild Season 5...and I love it. I don't think that I love it as much as the first 4 Seasons, but it is still damn good. I wish I new Vic Mackey!

mac said...

It's good to see your little donkey farting prominently at the top of your sidebar now. :)

mr. schprock said...

A friend of mine loaned me the first season of Lost once. I emerged from that weekend with eyes bloodshot, unshaven and unshowered.

I'm working on getting season 2 now.

heather said...

season 1 of grey'a anatomy. 72 hours in bed with chicken soup delivered on a regular basis. i'm pretty sure i wasn't all ~that~ sick, but.... it was grey's!

briliantdonkey said...

SWF: I watch house occasionally as well, but can't seem to really get into it.

NPW:I watched the first few seasons of Alias on dvd but I ended up getting tired of it.

Jenny: it rocks to say the least. Not my very favorite show, but it is up there.

Mac: I refuse to ever grow up. 38 and going on 16.

Mr Schprock: Ding ding ding we have a winner. Lost is numero uno in my tivo list.

Heather: Oddly enough I watch that one fairly religiously as well.

Scott said...

We rented season one of Lost, then Tivo'd the whole second season before watching a single episode. This year we've been watching as they dole it out. I have to say that they have gotten back on track after veering last season.

I keep saying this over and over, but check out Friday Night Lights.

Susan Flemming said...

Love the donkey... lol.

And thanks for linking to me. Next time I update my links page, I'll return the favour. And I promise to only put one "l" in brilliant, if you'll promise to put an extra "m" in Flemming. ;o)

Now about the weekend of watching a whole season... my husband has done that with the StarGate series and by the end of the first day I'm hiding out in other parts of the house.

Susan said...

I managed to catch a cold.

I also talked some smack about you last night on openmicnights. You missed it. You shouldn't have a life and should be home at midnight just waiting to hear me speak. Tsk. Tsk.