Sunday, May 06, 2007

new logo test run

A while back someone sent me this logo. I have been trying to figure out how to get it on the blog ever since. He is SUPPOSED to fart and cause one of the "L" s to disappear so we will see if it works. If not, and anyone smarter than me knows how to make this work I would love to hear it. Better yet if you know how to make it my header that would be even better.


Edited to add: Well that didn't work. Oh well. I DID, thanks to the not so subtle reminder in comments by my favorite stalker Heather, finally manage to add a LOT of way overdue links.

Lazy my arse!

Just busy ,,,,,,allllllll the time yeah all the time. Thats the ticket.



heather said...

i was wondering why you hadn't added this yet. figured you were just being lazy. *you tend to be that way with your sidebar. ~not~ an accusation, i do the same thing.* i hope someone can help you figure this out, it's cute as hell when it works.

Suz said...

BD, you can email me talk about this if you want, but I'm guessing you maybe just uploaded it from your computer? You need to host it at a place like Photobucket or something and use the html link it gives you there so it works.

I know you can't get it into your header, but it can go into your sidebar. Good luck-that gif kicks ass. (Pun intended) :p

I tried to paste the link here, but no matter how I add a space or some quotes, it won't let me show you the tag here. Email me if you want to try my uploaded version. Or for crying out loud, make up a password for a day so I can put it up for you!!

Good luck--it needs to be up there!

LaLa said...

I WANT to see it fart!

briliantdonkey said...

By golly I think I got it. That wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be either.

Thanks for the help Suz,Heather, all.


Now Suz,

Since you sent this to me like 9 months ago, and in case I can't find the email where you told me the name of the guy that did it can you remind me again so I can give him credit?

Thanks again


Suz said...

BD would like to thank JJ for the avatar! :D

Bravo man! I told you it wasn't that hard to do. ;)

As to the other project for the farting donkey, just save a copy of this one before you mess with adding...and I'm gonna try a little Photoshop on it too just for practice. (OH BOY!)

Scott said...

Just brilliant, Donkey.

Jenny! said...

I have been able to amaze myself with what I have learned from Blogger and all the fun things you can do, I am so not technologically advanced, it's scary!

mac said...

I can see how important it would be to get that farting donkey to work. :)

fringes said...

Blogging is so much fun. Your blog name is my son's favorite when he's looking over my shoulder as I'm reading comments. He always says: there's Briliant Donkey! Where's Briliant Shrek?

heather said...

bd, i ~told~ you that your favorite stalker prefers the term number one fan.
*thanks for the add, bout damn time ;-)*

fringes, your boy is sooo cute. i love it! :-)

Just telling it like it is said...

should it smell too??

heather said...

cheeks likes the farting donkey. go figure. :-)

briliantdonkey said...

Suz: thanks for all the help.

Scott: Welcome back. Can't wait to see that movie.

Jenny: Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Perhaps we should have a 'who is less capable of doing puter stuff' competition.

Mac: I refuse to ever grow up.

Fringes: awwww thats cute. Give it a few years till he notices the misspelling. "mom how can he misspell brilliant and yet call himself that?"

heather: you say tomayyyyto I say tomahhhhto.

just telling it: Lets just say if they invent smellivision I wouldn't come back for a while.

Heather: are you and fringes trying to imply that I am childish?

Why thank you ma'am(s)


heather said...

no i wasn't saying that you're childish, simply that my daughter seems to have been born with a male sense of humor. :-( take it however you need to though. (and ~yes~ you can be childish, one of your more endearing traits. ;-)

Chris said...

Excellent graphic! Or is that a graphic graphic?