Thursday, March 01, 2007

Idol chit chat

Alright I have another confession to make. Prior to last season I never once saw a single episode of American Idol. Not one episode, not one minute, I don't think I so much as caught a glimpse of it while scanning through the channels even. If I had a dime for everytime Christine from Ramblings from a Gyspy soul, bugged





If I had a dime for every time she tried to get me to watch it, I would indeed be a rich man. Now though, I have to admit I am fairly hooked. This also means I suppose having to admit that she was right cough cough.

Anyhow, I have avoided posting so much as a word about it until now. Even through the auditions I bit my tongue. I was tempted to mention the girl that got up and did her singing ,occasionally throwing a sound like the lion from Wizard of oz into the middle of her lyrics, but I refrained. I was tempted to mention how not only was it utterly ridiculous of her to try such a thing, but it also sounded more like Chewbacca from star wars than the lion. I figured she had humiliated herself enough, so I bit my tongue.

I really wanted to blast her family and friends for allowing her to make that big of a fool of herself, but I did not. I get supporting your loved ones and their dreams. I get 'you can do anything you set your mind to.' But at some point someone, anyone should have been just a little bit truthful with her.

Memo to Mom, family, Girlfriend, online friends, or anyone else that I let read anything I write. If anything I let you read of mine looking for input makes me look 1/1000th that foolish, Please please PUUUUHLEASE someone, ANYONE have the balls to tell me so before I send it out to the real world. Telling me 'this is good' when you are actually thinking 'holy crap that sucks' is NOT doing me any favors. Likewise, telling that young lady 'sure go do the chewbacca thing in the audition' did nothing but allow her to make a complete idiot of herself.

Okay enough of that. Back to what I started to post this for. With football over and baseball still a month or so away I guess I am jonesing a little bit. No fantasy football, no fantasy baseball, no nothing. I guess I should go ahead and confess to being a fantasy geek as well huh? I propose a little contest which I am kind of sort of making up as I go along to fill the void. Fantasy American Idol. Fellow AI watchers feel free to participate if you wish. If you are still not willing to admit it and are still in the closet fair enough, you may do so anonymously. In the comment section each week tell me your picks to move on, and who will get eliminated. Here is how it works. You can name as many singers as you wish that you think will move on to the next round.

Correctly name a male singer that survives = 10 points each
Correctly name a female singer that survives= 10 points each.

Correctly name one of the male singers that gets cut each week=50 points.
Correctly name both male singers that get cut=additional 100 points.

Correctly name one of the females that gets cut each week=50points
Correctly name both female singers that get cut =additional 100 points.

Picking a singer to survive that gets cut = MINUS 100 points

For now that is it but I will take suggestions for other ways of scoring. Each week will be scored and a winner will be announced. Winners will receive absolutely NOTHING other than the adulation of 4 readers world wide.

If it seems to have any interest we will also have a running season long total as well. Season long winner will receive ummmmm lets see ,,,,,,that would be TWO brand NEW absolutely Nothings other than double the adulation of 4 readers world wide.

This week's totals will NOT count in the season totals, but we WILL play this week just to try and work out the kinks. Who knows, Maybe it just ends up being me and CHristine. Or maybe there are a few others out there still in the closet. Then again, this may well cause my readership to plummet to three who knows. Only time will tell. Deadline for picks will be 7 pm est thursday nights.


Cant believe I am doing this


Suz said...

WOOHOO! I'm playing this game! :)

I'll post tomorrow my picks! This is hilarious because there's a forum I post on where a guy said there should be a fantasy league for Idol. You're the first to get it rolling! Kudos to BD!!

briliantdonkey said...

Okay I am still watching the girls as we speak via tivo, but my Male picks so far:

Definitely moving on: Philstacey, Jared,Chris, Sundance, AJ,

Picks to get cut: Sanjay, Nick Pedro

christine said...

Wow, you really amaze me sometimes Donk. This is a brrrrrrrriliant idea! Ok ok so here are my picks for the guys (since I don't get to watch the live performances I haven't seen the girls yet).

Men who will survive the cut:
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh

Bye bye to :

Ok, so that's me playing it safe for now.

briliantdonkey said...

Forgot there are two chris's so my pick to move on is Chris Richardson,,,,


heather said...

your readership may drop one but it won't be me. even though i don't get into football, (fantasy or not) baseball, (fantasy or not) or american idol. however if you would be so kind as to provide me with a complete list of the remaining contestants i will read the cards (as soon as i learn how) and tell you who this season's winner will be. nashville star is a different story though. i got hooked last year and even bought the winners cd (chris young btw, it's a good disk, one of my favs) thurs is the final and if angela hacker doesn't win i'm gonna have to shoot someone!!!

briliantdonkey said...

heather: you can find em all at American

Okay girls picks for me:

Advancing: Lakeesha,Melinda,Jordin,Sabrina,Gina,Stephanie,

Cuts: Leslie, Alaine


christine said...

Now for the girls:

Definitely staying: Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, Stephanie, Sabrina

Out: Antonella (come on already!)

Just some PS comments:
* What the hell is Antonella still doing there?! I didn't see an ounce of improvement from last week.
* Alaina , I like her but she needs to learn how to take criticism
* Lakisha? I love you for singing one of my most favorite songs, you rock girl!!

Roadchick said...

Who ARE you and what have you done with BD?

Release him immediately!

SWF41 said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I wanna play!

Men, staying:
Blake Lewis
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh
Jared Cotter
AJ Tabaldo
Sundance Head
Phil Stacey
Sanjaya Malaker

Men, going:
Nick Pedro
Brandon Rogers

Women, staying:
Antonella Barba
Gina Glocksen
Jordin Sparks
Lakisha Jones
Leslie Hunt
Melinda Doolittle
Sabrina Sloan
Stephanie Edwards

Women, going:
Alaina Alexander
Haley Scarnato

fringes said...

Dang. I can't play. After not missing a single episode last season, we haven't watched at all this season. I'm glad you're having fun with it!

Bice said...

Never heard of it.

Suz said...

Okay-I'm a little confused about the rules. Are we supposed to decide how many we want to pick, and then get points for how far out on a limb we go? If I choose both of the cut girls/guys, then you know I pick the rest to move on....

Also--thinking it would be fun to add a bonus for choosing the winner. You could scale it--250 points for a Week 2 pick, 225 for a Week 3 pick, etc. You get what I mean? A person gets more points for picking the winner with more contestants still at play... And I think we should get to pick one each week, even if we stay with our previous week's pick. :)

My guy cuts are Sanjaya and AJ.

My girl cuts are Alaina and Antonella (BARF! ACK! YUCK! Go home and wait for Playboy to call you)!

And if I understand correctly--that we choose as many "stays" as we want, then for girls I pick:

Lakisha (ROCK ON GIRL!!)
Melinda (Doll!)

Boys I pick:

Chris R.
Chris S.

And if AJ stays, I lose 100 points, eh?

Mila Tan said...

The only one I can stand this season is Lakisha. The rest should just go home.
Blame Nena for my being here! Maybe she's the reason for more than one person playing.

heather said...

just to ease your mind there bd, if there ~is~ a shooting in my neck of the woods tonight, it wasn't me. my girl angela hacker took home the prize. yeahh!!!

briliantdonkey said...

I have to run to work, but an early quick tabulation of the points goes as follows:

Suz: 220pts
me: 200

I beat gypsy , iiiiiIIIIII beat gypsyyyyy!


I will break it down later. Cant believe Sanjaya stayed.


Jeff said...

I'm like you were before, BD. I have as yet to watch a single episode of American Idol. Just not interested. I understand why people watch and get into it, but it's just not for me. Unless of course it shows up on the History or Discovery Channel someday. :)

alyndabear said...

But But.. What about your INTERNATIONAL readers? (sniff)

Suz said...

I won! I won! lol-- I'm playing this game on another forum now, BD! Thanks for the lift-off on the game! Ya rock! :)

Heather said...

OK, I'm too mathematically-challenged to keep up with a points system -- but, like you, I can't believe I'm posting about American Idol. I'm a bit ashamed, and yet...

Thanks for coming by my blog, by the way.

christine said...

Ok ok so you did, but that's just the first round!! ;)

I don't understand it really, all these poor choices. It's such a pity for those who are much better and yet get booted off, because of these poor choices.

christine said...

Hi Mila! hehe I didn't notice you up there til now. :)