Monday, March 05, 2007

Fantasy American Idol contest (cut to 12)

Okay I swear this is NOT going to become an American Idol dominated blog. However, it is going to seem that way since this will be two posts in a row. What can I say? The back pain and the nyquil has gone to my head. No no, chick or Michael or more likely Heather let me save you the trouble. No I am NOT taking nyquil for the back pain and wondering why it isn't working. At least not anymore.

Anywhooooo, now that the first trial week of the fantasy idol is over we can move on to the real game hopefully with the kinks worked out. Just a reminder the scoring is as follows.

Correctly name a male singer that survives = 10 points each
Correctly name a female singer that survives= 10 points each.

Note: You do NOT have to name every single participant that will move on. The more out on a limb you go(by naming more) the more points you will receive. However, that makes you more likely to be wrong on one of them and therefore lose 150 points.

Correctly name one of the male singers that gets cut each week=50 points.
Correctly name both male singers that get cut=additional 100 points.

Correctly name one of the females that gets cut each week=50points
Correctly name both female singers that get cut =additional 100 points.

Note: Picking a singer to be cut who does NOT end up getting cut is NOT a penalty. Some people only submitted one cut each last week. As long as there will be two cuts you should submit two picks to be cut.

Picking a singer to survive that gets cut = MINUS 150 points(note this has gone up from 100 that it was before during the test run).

Thanks to a suggestion by Suz, I will add the following. You may submit your pick to win the whole competition now. For each week that your pick to win it all survives you will receive double the points he/she received in the previous week. First week=10 pts, 2nd week=20, 3rd week=40 and so on.

You may change your overall winner pick any time you like, but your scoring will then start over. Once your overall winner pick is eliminated, you can no longer receive points in this part of the scoring.

I think that about covers it. Submit your picks via the comment section. Deadline will be thursday night 7pm est.



heather said...

hey! what's wrong with using nyquil for back pain? what do you think i use when i run out of dr mcgillicuddy's? if it wasn't working you weren't taking enough! not my fault you don't know how to adjust your dose. lol :-)

Michael Thomas said...

I'm going out on a limb and picking Sundance to win it outright.

Sanjaya, Jared go home this week.
Sundance, Chris R, Chris S, Blake, Phil Stay

Gina, Sabrina, Lakisha stay.
Melinda, Antonella (my eye candy) go.

SWF41 said...

So that's how I only ended up with 40 points, because I named everyone?


Okay, round two -- and because I've got the balls to, I'm *still* going to name everyone! Take that, Las Vegas!

Men, staying:
Blake Lewis
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh
Jared Cotter
Sanjaya Malakar
Sundance Head

Men, going:
Brandon Rogers
Phil Stacey

Women, staying:
Antonella Barba (ick)
Jordin Sparks

Women, going:
Gina Glocksen
Haley Scarnato

I am NOT happy about Gina and Phil going when Antonella and Sanjaya should go, but I think the votes will go that way. Damn teenagers with cell phones.

briliantdonkey said...

Okay I know I have been sick and slept (that I know of) about 40 of the last 48 hours but it IS only tuesday morning right? The show doesn't even come on til tonight and yall are making your picks already? Is is actually wednesday or thursday already? Did I sleep THAT long? ahhhh crap am I going to have to fire myself for not showing up to work for two days?

You are welcome to keep your picks as is but A) You can change your picks after seeing the performances if you like and B)If you happen to nail it, be prepared for a 'what are this week's lotto numbers' email.


SWF41 said...

I'm keeping my pics because:

A) I don't think performances really matter that much, unless they're super incredible awesome. Bad performances don't get bad people kicked off.

B) Antonella and Sanjaya, who really really really should go, will keep going. It's SOP for American Idol at this stage that a few sucky ones stay and better ones leave.

(And, C .... the voices in my head are telling me to vote this way.)

Michael Thomas said...

Am I blind or is there a link to a leaderboard? How am I supposed to put money on this if I can't figure the line?

briliantdonkey said...

SWF: :::A) I don't think performances really matter that much, unless they're super incredible awesome. Bad performances don't get bad people kicked off::::

Ummmm are we still talking American Idol here or has the universe finally answered my 'sexual expectations' requests?

Michael: If you are blind, all I can say is see? your mom always warned you about too much of that. (place your fingers to the screen and read the following braile msg)

Mom's are always right.

As for a leaderboard, Do you mean a leaderboard for who is winning this contest that I am running? Or do you mean like a breakdown of the contestants, etc? As for this contest I will update the points each week in the comment section of that weeks post(or maybe do another post entirely if necessary). As for the AI info, your best bet is American At least that is the only one that I bother to look at. I am not into it enough to go looking for a bunch of them.


SWF41 said...

BD...I was talking about American Idol. Bad performances otherwise ... well, you're better off not having a bad performance otherwise. :-)

Michael Thomas said...

I here there's a Vote for the Worst site where they list the bottom feeders and encourage you to vote to keep the losers on.

briliantdonkey said...

swf: would a lil white lie there have killed ya?

Michael:I have heard something along those lines as well but have no idea if it is true. Probably is, but it is like any sports allstar team where fans get to vote. There will always be some screwed up things going on.


briliantdonkey said...

Alright my picks for this week.

Overall winner: Wow this is tough and will likely flip flop between one of three girls till the end but I am going with Jordin for now.

Ladies moving on this week: Melinda, Jordin, Lakisha, Gina,Stephanie, Sabrina

Going home: Antonella(seemed better, but can't get by on looks anymore) and Haley

Men staying: Blake, Chris richardson,Chris sligh,Brandon,Sundance

Going home: Phil(hope like hell I am wrong), Sanjaya(teenage girls with cell phones finally lose out)

Thats it,

Good luck all

Suz said...

Chris S.
Chris R.


Ultimate Idol--Melinda

Ack-please forgive me for I have sinned. I thought it was 7:00 before the bad.

Suz said...

As to the vote for the worst...just type it in with a www and dotcom's kinda funny to read their blogs. ;)

christine said...

I think I'm late (you gotta remember the time difference, and the fact that I watch it at least 12 hours after you do , no fair lol). But anyway, whether my votes are counted, here they are:

Girls first:

Staying: Sabrina, Stephanie, Jordin, Melinda, Lakisha

Leaving: ANTONELLA (wtf?, I don't even think her looks are good enough to have kept her there this long!) & Haley


Ok, based on this week? They should all go home! lol Ok ok honestly:

Staying: Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh, ( I really can't bring myself to add anyone else on this list)

Leaving: Sanjaya, Phil Stacey

And I leave you with a question: What in the world happened to Kelly Pickler?! I remember her being kinda cute before.

Michael Thomas said...

Ouch! America totally screwed me. How can you possibly send Sundance and Sabrina home? Over Sanjaya? Good Lord, America must be smoking crack.

Michael Thomas said...

Double Ouch! I'm at -140 pts for this week alone.

Suz said...

I'm hoping BD disqualifies me for being late with a minus 80 score for the week. LOL! (J/K) What an upset seeing Sabrina and Sundance go. UGH!

WTF happened there? :(