Friday, March 23, 2007

fantasy idol week 3 points and overall standings

Alright, week three has come to a close. The points breakdown is as follows.

Previous standings:

Gypsy: 40
Suz: -70
BD: -70
Michael: -140
SWF: -280

Bottom 3 points:

SWF: 50 pts
Gypsy: 50 pts
BD: 0 pts
Suz: 0 pts (didn't vote)

Sent home pts:

SWF: 150 pts
Gypsy: 150 pts
BD: 0 pts
Suz: 0 pts

Move on points:

SWF: 100 pts
Suz: 70 pts
Gypsy: 80 pts
BD: 60


BD: -150 pts

Ultimate Idol:

BD: Jordin(3wks)= 40pts
SWF: Melinda(1wk)-10pts
Suz: melinda(1 wk)- 10pts
Gypsy: Melinda(2 wk) - 20 pts

Week 3 total

SWF: 310 pts(week 3 winner)
Gypsy: 300 pts
Suz: 80 pts
BD: -50 pts

Overall standings

Gypsy: 340 pts
SWF: 30 pts
Suz: 10 pts
BD: -120 pts
Michael: -140pts

Congrats to SWF who continued to employ her "brass balls strategy" and dug her way out of a HUGE whole back into the positive. She has also moved up into 2nd place. Gypsy, continues to pretty much blow us all away. I myself have settled into what appears to be a 'one step forward three steps back' strategy.

Idol wize, I will See you all next week.



SWF41 said...

Woo hoo!

Note to self: buy more brass polish.

bice said...

I didn't watch this week but I heard Sanjaya came out and surprised everyone with a decent performance. Who knew he had it in him? I know I sure didn't.

heather said...

glad to see your back on-line! or did you do this from work? :-)

heather said...

soooo, how long before idol is over for the season???? ;-)

Chris said... must have like a kajillion levels of calculus to keep track of all this:)

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Malnurtured Snay said...

It's time for you to go full speed ahead and body-slam some of those points to your tally!