Monday, March 19, 2007


Heather over at DKYbar and grill tagged me with the following meme(I still can't say/read 'meme' without giggling for some stupid reason.

1. go to wikipedia and type in your birthday, month and day only.

November 19th

2. list 3 events that occurred on that day.

A)491: St. Hilarious becomes pope.

If St.Dumbass, or St.Moderately funny had become pope, this would have been a bit more fitting but I will take it I guess.

B)1954 - Sammy Davis, Jr., loses his left eye in an automobile accident in San Bernardino, California

All those times his mom told him "don't do that or you will poke your eye out"......He should have listened.

C)1999 - An all odd digit date (11/19/1999 (MM/DD/YYYY)). The next all odd digit date will be 1/1/3111 (11/11/3111 if zeros are counted).

Someone tell me who the person was that researched THAT?

3. list 2 important birthdays.

1961 - Meg Ryan, American actress.
I had no idea she was that much older than me.
1970 - Justin Chancellor, English bassist (Tool)
No idea who this is, but in a real beavis and butthead moment i realized he appeared to be a real tool.

What? I'm not listed on here? Dear wikipedia,....I am writing to point out your over sight......yours truly BD

4. list 1 death.
1967 - Charles J. Watters, US Army chaplain, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1927)

Never heard of a single one of the people on this list but this one caught my eye.

5. list a holiday or observance. (if any)
World Toilet Day, see World Toilet Organization

again, I am easily amused. World TOILET day???? World seat goes in the up position day I can see. World seat goes in the down position, I could see. But world Toilet day?

6. tag 5 other bloggers.
I won't tag 5 specific bloggers but anyone wanting to participate feel free to do so. Also let me know in comments that you did so I can come check it out.



Just telling it like it is said...

Isn't it great to know that every year on your birthday you also can celebrate World toilet paper day!!
teheheh that is funny...

Seriously I was watching a show a couple of weeks ago where there is a web site that will argue the proper way place the toilet paper...under or over...
Man some people have way too much time on their hand...why they could like be doing something really important like blogging...shesh

heather said...

bd! i am in shock! how is it that you've never heard of tool! they are a totaly kick a$$ metal band. one that granted i don't listen to when cheeks is around but still... we must work on expanding your musical horizons. figures their's a st. hilarious. why not. world toilet day!!??... aren't you glad you played? i am, thank you so very much.:-)

heather said...

(opps, there's, not their's lol)

SWF41 said...

There was an argument over the right way to hang toilet paper?

Everyone knows the right way is OVER. Silly people.

I think I'd rather share my day with toilet paper, though. I get Hitler and Ted Kennedy testing a water-proof car.

bice said...

It's Meme Madness in the blogging circle I frequent! It's like the black plague or something sweeping through Blogstonia!

heather said...

does this make me meme mary? lol(instead of typhoid mary)

Ariel said...

Oh BD. You have st. hilarious. I have "innocent" could they have possibly pegged us better?

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm surprised enough that there's a World Toilet Organization much less that they've declared a World Toilet Day. What does one do to celebrate such an occasion? And, there's a Toilet College, too? I just don't know what to think;>

mist1 said...

Why didn't I know about St. Hilarious?

Michael Thomas said...

Bice. They're dropping like flies around here. I caught it too. Contagion. That's the pretty word for it. The Alpha Case - or original victim - That would be Heather. She's killed everyone around her with it. Worse part is, she's just a carrier. She's dancing a watusi on our graves.

BD - I responded. To all the meme plagues. Someone remind me which Horse color of the Apocalypse spreads the plague. I want to keep an eye out for that MF. The end is near. REPENT!

Kim G. said...

I was tagged by Roadchick so I must only have a few hours left to live . . . stop by and pay your condolences. Contributions to the kids' college fund would be nice . . .

heather said...

in truth i'm not the original, that would be woo, i just chose to spread far and wide. lol

christine said...

Hi guys, If you're looking for BD's picks for fantasy idol this week, they're posted over at the comments section of previous post (fantasy idol week two results/overall standings). His internet is down and he asked me to post it for him over there. :) Good luck to us this week!

Liz said...

Proof #62 that I'm a bitch:

I hate Meg Ryan but oddly, enjoy many of the movies she appears in.

briliantdonkey said...

Just telling it: yeah great. It is almost as if the world is trying to prove what a shit I am.

Heather: actually I HAVE heard of tool believe it or not, I even have the eight track.

Ariel: Sometimes the world pegs us for sure. St.occassionally funny would have been better but I guess that was taken.

WOO: toilet college, I still haven't stopped laughing from seeing that one myself.

Mist: no worries. If there is a St.Shoes and you don't know about them THEN I will worry.

Michael: Agreed they spread like flies. However in fairness, a lot of them actually seem to be pretty fun.

Kim: contributions on the way. By the way ignore that whole 'pennies on tails' being bad luck thing. It is a myth.

Heather: sure pass the blame why don'tcha?

Christine: Thanks for passing on the message

Liz: you don't like Meg Ryan? You bitch get out!


heather said...

8-track! surely you jest ;-) and of course i passed along the credit. i refuse to think of it as blame!

James Burnett said...

Tell me you're joking about St. Hilarious? That's funny as hell, no pun intended.

Chris said...

I am putting the lid down in honor of your birthday this year:)

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