Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday scribblings

Sunday scribblings

Every week a blog called Sunday scribblings ( provides a prompt which you are supposed to post or write something about. Whether it is poetry, something that turns into a story, or just what pops into your mind when you see the prompt, it is just something to get you writing. Looking for some ideas to write about? Head on over and make a visit you may be surprised with the result. This week’s prompt is “with baggage” so that is what I am writing about today.

Those words bring up a couple of ideas in my mind. The main one is baggage that is travel related. Suitcases, carry-ons and such. How is it they guy sitting next to you on the plane always manages to come on the plane with 17 bags, but you couldn’t manage to get two through? How is it you can go on a trip with more than enough room to pack away all of your stuff? However, when it comes time to leave and repack for the trip home no matter how big your suitcase is there never ever seems to be enough room. How does that happen? Do the people at the front desk send someone in to secretly replace your bag with a slightly smaller one that looks exactly the same? Is there some sort of alien species that beams themselves into your room while you are sunning out on the beach and shoots your luggage with their shrink ray? Are there Gremlins hiding under your hotel bed sneaking into your luggage and rearranging it? Do they unroll all of your socks and then re roll them to be just a little bit bigger each. Do they go through your underwear and do the same thing? Maybe THAT is why “make sure you have clean underwear at all times” is what mom always told me. I always thought it was so if I got in an accident I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I could even see the way it would happen clearly in my mind’s eye if I ever failed to do so just once.

Nurse: yes ma’am your son is on the way to the hospital.
Mom: Oh my , is he okay???
Nurse: Well ma’am the car apparently flipped over 18 times, landed in a pond, sank to the bottom where he stayed for 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

Mom: I will be right there! Is he going to be okay???

Nurse: yes ma’am he is okay, he is bruised battered, and will have a long recovery to deal with but ummm ohhh never mind.”
Mom: “what? what is it? Give it to me straight doc.”
Nurse: “well, ma’am he is going to be okay but ,,,,but didn’t you ever tell him to always wear clean underwear?
Mom: “I’m gonna kill him!”

So I always made sure to heed that advice. Now looking back I wonder if she knew about the whole baggage problems I would face when I grew up. Did she maybe know about these gremlins, rogue desk clerks, and aliens? Was she just once again trying to save me the embarrassment of having jenyak the alien up in his spaceship laughing and telling stories of the humans? Was she trying to save me the embarrassment or her?



Lobster Boy said...

Nice blog here. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog! I added you onto my blogroll.

Lobster Boy

Sioux said...

Very good and amusing. Guess all our moms told us that...wonder if moms today do the same??

bonnie said...

Cute story and nice transition.

christine said...

I do know my mom used to tell me to always wear NICE or at least decent underwear because i do have some favorite ratty ones with a hole or two, but clean underwear? Do people actually put on dirty ones? haha Ok, I may know a couple of guys capable of that actually.

Very entertaining. :)

Kay said...

How funny. I loved it!

Anonymous said...
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