Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sparklers and such

Sparklers and such

Today is the 4th of July. As such it is obviously a big day in American History. A day that makes me think

Of hot dogs

Of apple pie

Of bottle rockets and sparklers

Of trips to the beach with family and friends

And of Sacrifices made by those before me which allow me all these things and more…..

I am reminded of these sparklers, and the way they light up the world all around them and seem like they will last forever.

I am reminded of a group of soldiers and sailors that has visited our hotel for the last several years for a reunion and can not help to think of how their numbers have slowly dwindled. They are a part of what many people consider “the greatest Generation” and sadly just as those sparklers didn’t last forever, neither do they.

However, while the sparklers may go out, and these people pass, the impact of what they have done and the memories of both live on and are passed on from one generation to the next.

Pearl Harbor……

Iwo Jima…..

The beaches at Normandy….

The Philippines…..




Just to name a few…..

Countless Americans have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice so that I can sit here and bitch about my job, Houdini’s, or the slow old lady in the checkout line who just HAS to pay with exact change.

So today as you grill burgers on the grill, watch your children play football, and enjoy the fireworks display your city is putting on, Take a moment.

Take a moment to look skyward and be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for the sacrifices those people have made to give it to you.

I won’t ask you to be thankful for the job you hate, but DO be thankful for having the right to hate it and leave it anytime you choose.

I won’t ask you to be thankful for the current President or policies you may disagree with, but DO be thankful for the right you have to disagree with them.

In short, just take a second to appreciate what you have and what it took to get it for you,,,,Just a second.

Two of my favorite books on this sort of thing are “The Greatest generation” by Tom Brokaw and “Flags of our fathers” by James Bradley. Both of them are fantastic reads so check them out if you like.

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christine said...

Very touching reflection. I admire how you appreciate the small things and most especially the reason you can apprecaite the small things. Hope you had a nice 4th! :)