Sunday, July 29, 2007

I will title this later

Hi, my name is BD and I am a procrastinator. I have been one for about 38 years I believe. My mother growing up used to try to get me out of this habit, but she failed. She trotted out 'don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today' to no avail. I am pretty sure that this annoyed the hell out of her. That wasn't my intent, it is just the way I was/am. I think in some small way she probably wanted this to bite me in the ass a time or three so that I would learn better. I was THE master at starting a 48 page writing assignment the night before class and coming away with a decent if not good grade so she never got her wish. Until now......

You ever get that feeling that you are forgetting something, but can't for the life of you remember what the hell it is? Ever tell yourself something along the lines of 'better do this now or you will just forget later'? I am an old pro at this. It happens to me on a VERY regular basis. The best example I can think of off the top of my head is with my recent commutes back and forth to work. The trip was about 48 miles each way, 5 or 6 days a week. This meant stopping to get gas at LEAST once a week, usually twice. Almost invariably, I would be driving home from work in the middle of the night, and KNOW I needed to stop and get gas.

There are countless Reasons why stopping then to get gas would make sense:
1-It is late, and there will not be any lines at the pump.

2-It is late and there wont be a line inside when I want to buy a coke or something else.

3-Save myself the trouble of stopping in the heat on the way to work to do it.

4-Save the risk of running late to work tomorrow and STILL having to stop, making me later. This happened fairly regularly, though I am NEVER late.

5-Save the risk of forgetting all about needing gas till I get halfway between home and work, a 15-20 mile stretch of no mans land.

6-Avoid the risk of having my gas light blink on right in the middle of this stretch.

7-Avoid the slew of cuss words I know I will scream when this happens and wondering if I can go to hell for my use of profanities alone.

8-Avoid the agony of wondering if THIS is the day I run out of gas during that stretch of road.

9-Avoid any possible hellish combinations of #4-8 above.

10-Please the 'mom voice' in my head that to this day tells me it is a bad idea.

Reasons NOT to stop:

1-I am too lazy and would rather put it off until tomorrow.

That's it, no other reason than that. Yet, over and over again I would do this. Over and over again I would get away with it even when it seemed impossible. Good thing? You would think so, but then again someone who drinks and drives and gets away with it just gets a false sense of security right?

Well the other day I was actually on my way to work early(I LOVE this 5 minute drive to work thing), and passing by the store.

MV(mom's voice): Why don't you go ahead and stop at the store?
Me: nah I will wait till later.

MV: why not? you have plenty of time You know there are things you need.
me: nah, I will wait till later.

MV: tsk tsk, it's going to bite you in the ass someday.

So anyhow, I went to work which was a fairly uneventful though a long busy day. It is about 11 pm or so when I leave Walmart with my few purchases and head home. I walk in the door, play with Kash for a few minutes, let her out of the back door to do her business while quickly shedding my uniform. I turn on the computer and television and get more comfy. I am just settling into checking my fantasy baseball teams and how the redsox did when I realize I need to use the bathroom and head in that direction. It only takes a second for it to hit me like a slap in the face. THAT'S what I needed at the damned store!

I came out with razor blades.
I came out with coke.
I came out with a new mirror for the bedroom.
I came out with tons of food that i took my time walking around and buying.
I came out with two new pairs of work pants which I tried on in the dressing room.

What I did NOT come out with, what I KNEW I needed 9 hours ago heading to work was toilet paper.

Multiple times during the night my body asked me politely if we could go to the bathroom. Multiple times during the night, I told it 'nah we don't have time for that right now' which in truth I really didn't. Multiple times during the night I had PLENTY of chances to go to the bathroom, but(perhaps knowing how much I hate nagging) my body did NOT choose these times to ask if we should go now.

Well it seems my wordiness was not lost even during my recent 'complete lack of posts' streak. I guess I will stop there and cut this post in half.

To be continued

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Susan said...

I hate hangove..wait...cliff hangers.