Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rabbits a plenty

Alynda has a post up about her new bunny Ricky whom she thinks is a girl. Or was it her new bunny Ricki whom she thinks is a boy? DAMN you short term memo....


What was I saying?

To the three of you that read that, thank you. To the one of you who actually got it, please splain it to me cause I am not really sure that I did. So anywhooo,,,,,,alyndabear is talking about getting her rabbit 'fixed'. I still disagree with this phrasing all this time later. Worse yet it seems to have spread to australia as they say the same thing. You can see what I mean about disagreeing with this phrasing by reading this old post which was one of the VERY first ones I ever did. I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.

So anywhooo, Alynda's post got me to thinking all kinds of crazy shit about Rabbits. Picture this. A community(colony? herd? bunch? Flock?) Let's start with that.

Question #1)What the hell is a group of rabbits called?

Anyways, a LOT of freaking Rabbits. All of them going about life as usual. Rabbit couple # one only has sex once a week or month. Do the other rabbits, laugh, point, and say something along the lines of "those two? Yeah they screw Like humans."?

In contrast, Rabbit couple #2 cant seem to keep their paws off of each other. I mean even by rabbit standards these two really REALLY go at it! When their peers get together to talk about them, they can't exactly say "those two screw like a couple of rabbits" so what the HELL do THEY say?

Rabbit girl # 3, is lonely. QUITE lonely and enduring one hell of a dry spell. If she goes to the rabbit community sex toy shop out of desperation, what kind of top selling vibrator does SHE ask for?

If a male rabbit goes around talking about all of the sex he has had, is he considered to be bragging or just considered a to be a rabbit?

If one of the members of the rabbit community happens to be a magician.....what the hell would HE pull out of his hat?

When rabbits tell their children of the tortoise and the hare, do you think they fudge the story and make it so that the rabbit wins the race?

If so, is that really even a story worth telling? It's a tortoise for goodness sakes!

What do rabbits carry around for good luck?

Ohhhhh boy, I just realized two things. 1) it is 230 am and I HAVE to get to bed.


2) Man I hope my mom doesn't read this post.

Night all,



alyndabear said...

See? I KNEW all my talk of rabbits was affecting people in serious ways. I really need to stop. ;)

And Ricky? IS A BOY!

Chris said...

Laughing my ass off, too funny! Great questions but I hope you got some sleep.

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Kofi said...

Rabbits move in herds and live in warrens.

I actually had to look that up, your questions had me crazy.

Don't understand what's going on with all the rabbit posts lately. But it's hilarious reading.

heather said...

ok, kofi answered your first question, which i cheated on too, i asked cheeks, she said burrows not warrens but she got the herds right. not bad for 6 :-)

couple #1 is looked upon with pity. getting lots of unsolicited advice on how to improve their sex life. whereas the girl bunny retorts 'he's so damn good i don't ~need~ it more often'. (she really loves him and doesn't mind lying for him.)

couple #2 is looked upon with disdain. after all he's obviously ocd and she has no backbone and won't say no once in a while.

see mist re: bunny #3, she's something of an expert on bobs

the male rabbit would be considered an idiot. after all how many people do you hear saying, hey man, i've taken 15,894,752 breaths today! how about you??

the magic bunny would pull a chipmunk out of his hat. and get bit. and remove that lame ass trick from his show.

bunny parents tell the story of the tortoise and the cheetah

bunnies carry ladybugs for good luck. cheeks said so. :-)

you should know not to ask if you don't want to know ;-)

briliantdonkey said...

Alynda: see what you started?

Chris:Glad you enjoyed. Really pushing that whole 'no such thing as a dumb question' thing but what the hell. Somebodies gotta do it.

Kofi: welcome to the blog. What the HELL is a warren? I don't think I have ever heard that term. I have KNOWN a few warrens but if they were carrying around a group of rabbits I don't want to know where they may have been keeping them OR pulling them out of, magician or not.

Heather: yeah, and they say EYE have too much time on MY hands.


Tera said...

BD, you raise some VERY good questions...what DO they carry around for good luck? Somehow, all this talk of Bunny porn and Rabbit sex is making me nauseous.

heather said...

it was a group effort, cheeks loves your donkey and asks me what you've written if she sees your avatar. depending on what it's about i usualy tell her.

briliantdonkey said...

Tera: welcome back, "all this talk of Bunny porn and Rabbit sex is making me nauseous."

congratulations, that is a prerequisite to feel that you truly belong at my blog. Oh it also qualifies you to be an ex girlfriend.

Heather "depending on what it's about i usualy tell her." Why do I get the feeling you actually meant 'depending on what it is I just say 'ummmmm nothing' and send her to watch tv.

Plump Pigeon said...

herd of rabbits? of course iv heard of rabbits!!!

i apologise, i couldnt resist a bad joke.

Im just wondering if all these rabbit sex social dilemmas were part of the deleted scenes of watership down.