Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lazy Sunday

And there ain't nuttin wrong with that. I have done very little to nothing today at all. As we speak I am sitting on my couch watching my Redsox take on our most bitter rival the yankees. I headed to Home Depot to pick up a few things to fix a sink at work. I have been more or less forced to become somewhat of the 'fixit man' at work as of late, which if you know me(or any male in my family) is pretty bizzarre. Most men have some sort of 'fixit gene' in them. Me? Yeah, I don't have that and never have. I am not sure if it is genetic or not, but I blame it all on my dad since none of us boys seem to have gotten that specific gene.

At times this really sucks, like when a simple washer needs to be replaced on a sink and I have to call the plumber. In other ways it is great. I mean it doesn't take many episodes of "bd can you change the washer in the sink" turning into "have to replace all the plumbing in the house disasters" to make people (mom, girlfriends, co-workers etc;) stop asking you to fix anything or help them do any kind of fixing job. Now, should a sink need replacing in the other room and I just sit on the couch watching the game, not only do I not get screamed or nagged at, I get praised so it isn't all bad.

Even more so, I take solace in the fact that no matter how bad I am, I am not the worst of em. I recall a time when I was VERY young my oldest brother borrowed a friend of his old volkswagen bug. This thing was fairly souped up for a bug, or at least as much as a bug can be. Bugs, if you don't happen to know have the engine in the back for some reason. Why? I have no idea, but I suspect it being a german car and Germans being known for drinking is more than mere coincidence. Anyways, this thing had the engine all shiny and souped up sticking out of the back and for whatever reason, the muffler stuck straight up vertically off of the engine. My brother, after using this car wanted to fill it up with gas before returning it.

Which he proceeded to pump directly into the tailpipe.

Safe to say he never got to borrow that car again. Like I said, no matter how bad I may be, at least I am not the worst.

I also watched the movie Deja vu.

I considered watching it again, but A)it wasn't all that good and B)it's called 'deja vu' so clearly that isn't necessary is it?

I DID manage to fall asleep on the couch and sleep just long enough to miss the latest installment of Mr. Fab's show. Oh well, now that I have an ipod I can download it and listen on my way to Biffy tommorrow. This being a lazy day, I will cut this post relatively short and leave you with this. I found the link in fabs comment section thanks to a commentor named Grainne. Enjoy, but you may want to move the kids out of the room before playing it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.



Susan said...

I worked a lot this weekend. I pretty much just slept the day away yesterday with moments of going to buy 20 pounds of joint compound. Don't ask questions. Just come over if ya need to borrow a cup.

Jenny! said...

I love lazy weekends! I can't believe that he put gas into the tailpipe! That is great! You don't have to have the handy gene, you just need to be able to kick and cuss to fix something!

heather said...

lol, i read kiddo's comment kinda quickly and thought for a moment she had decided to change professions. ;-)

i love lazy days, i won't have any of those for a while though. gotta ask, the lower case y for the yanks, intentional or subconsious? either way it made me laugh.

Tera said...

BD, you inspire me...I'm going to call my "plumber" right now!

briliantdonkey said...

Susan: just don't cross state lines with all that joint compound.

Jenny: do I have to kick and cuss in THAT order or can I flip flop them?

Heather: Rather perceptive of you. MOST definitely intentional.

Tera: Glad to be an inspiration. Just keep stories of plumber cracks to yourself if you don't mind. Though if there are any plumberettes out there by all means freedom of speech!


lady macleod said...

are you quite certain that isn't the "if I muck it up I don't have to do it" gene? You seem to be handling it well.
Nice blog.

Nina said...

Sundays should not be spent any other way, good for you!

Loved the video, thanks for the laugh! I just hope I never need to buy one of those as a gift for my husband in his later years ;)

Just telling it like it is said...

Now that cracked me up..he put gas in the tail pipe...yep it can always be worse...
That is what I tell myself...there is so one always out there less smarter than me...

Chris said...

gas in the tail pipe? good lord and he had a license???? ha ha

Fixit is not a gene. I learned 90% of my fixit skills since 2000 from my father in law. Keep trying Donkey!

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