Saturday, June 23, 2007

slow but steady

Finally made some progress. Took forever, but I now have internet access and am back again. Still working on the whole setting up the wireless and such. For now the ole desktop will have to do I suppose. To think the thought of using a ahem cough desktop computer cough cough, a week ago would have seemed akin to

1)using a television without a remote. (it should be noted I will watch an hour of the teletubbies just to avoid getting up to change the channel should the remote be out of reach or eaten by the couch.) You say 'lazy', I say 'conserving my energy for more important things'.......tomayyyyto ......tomahhhhto. Or as they are more likely to say in biffy,,,,,,,,,mayter ,,,,,,,vs. mahhhhter

2)going back to using a reel to reel tape.

3) using a vcr instead of tivo. pshhhhaw!

And yet here I am. After two full weeks of doing almost totally without, the desktop doesn't seem quite so awful. I guess what that boils down to, is apparently I have missed all you crazy peeps and must be glad to be back.

Hope to make the rounds tomorrow night (or more likely Sunday) and get caught up. Hope you are all doing well.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the piece and quiet while you had the chance!



Chris said...

Don't talk about Tivo....I was watching Friday Night Fights last nignt and the 40 y/o underdog Brown appeared to be pulling off the upset against the 40-2-1 younger dude when at exactly Midnight,the Tivo went from running it's 20 minute buffer (hey, I pause a lot when I have to pee, get a beer, etc) to current time, skipping the end of the fight altogether.

Damn VCR wouldn't have done that.....

Kim G. said...

Glad to hear you are adjusting to a life of "roughing it". :)

Tera said...

Welcome back BD!!!!!!!!!!!

heather said...

yay! bd's back!

you were missed.

heather said...

btw, 'piece and quiet'?

sounds like my day so far. lol

cheeks is at moms. ;-)