Wednesday, October 04, 2006

where I have been and what i have been doing

               Where I have been and what I have been up to

     So as my very minor and scarce updates have mentioned recently things have been changing quite a bit in the world of brilliant donkey as of late. To start with, I traded in both hellay and hellbee about a month ago. I am not sure what the Kelley blue book value on them was, but  after a lot of ( I must say good) haggling on my part I managed to get a total trade in value of three dollars and twenty four cents for the two of them combined. I am now working in just one completely different restaurant. As of now it is still pretty new to me, so I haven’t dubbed it hellsee yet, though in time I am sure that will come even if I don’t really mean it.  I have long been of the opinion and had the theory that for the most part every restaurant (and probably other types of  businesses as well are more or less the same). The name on the outside of the building may be different. The names on the nametags of the people may change but for the most part they are all the same. No matter where you go there will always be a certain percentage of slackers.

Always be a certain percentage of brown nosers.

Always be a certain percentage of people that get away with murder.

And always be a certain percentage of people that drive you absolutely batty every chance they get.

Working at hellbee for just under 15 years I was always amused to a degree watching people come and go. Watching them move on to the next restaurant down the street, and then the next and the next and so on and so on. All the while I would be thinking Carabbas, chillis, Ruby Tuesdays, Outback or countless others they were jumping to and from were all just different versions of the same place. If I just had a dime for evertime the  following conversation took place, I would indeed be a very rich man:

“hey BD, so how long have you worked here?”

“10 years, 11 years, 12 years, 15 years” depending on the time was always my answer.

“HOWWWWWWWW W LONG!?????” (enter gaping mouth, wide eyed, stunned look here)

The looks always said the same thing if they didn’t say it outright. It was always some version of “why the HELL would you stay here for THAT long?” Most of the time I didn’t really think I had an answer to that question, but the above mentioned theory was a big part of it is about as close as I could come to having one. So for allllllll those people over the past 15 years that asked me that question, there is your answer. Working for the last 4 years at hellay in my mind pretty much confirmed my theory for me. Same place, different building.

Anyways, so now I have moved on to hellsee. See? I told you it would happen. I officially dub thee, ‘HELLSEE”……….

Hellsee, I am not positive yet will not be all that much different than hellay or hellbee either. A few VERY big differences though are

1)it is a very small(read very UN CORPORATE) family restaurant. Needing a new set of salt shakers, won’t require sending paper work through 17 levels of management, and bean counters.

Won’t require six meetings, three conference calls, and countless emails to and from aforementioned  bean counters, and managers to determine whether or not new salt shakers are indeed necessary or not.

Won’t require asking for 7 salt shakers, KNOWING that doing so will automatically cause manager #1 to knock off one, bean counter #3-5 to knock off one apiece, and result in me finally getting the just 3 salt shakers that I needed in the first place.

And more importantly,

2)it is(or soon will be) in part MY very small very UNCORPORATE restaurant.

It is a small place (seating about 85), out in the middle of the boonies, in a small town I am thinking of dubbing “stuck”. For a city boy like me it is DEFINITELY a bit ‘off the beaten path almost an hour each way travel time for me to get there. I don’t as of yet mind the drive. At least not as much as I mind the thought of packing up all my stuff and moving at least. Lol

So now I guess I will have to surf the web in search of someone ELSE posting on a blog about ME being the jackass owner/manager doing all sorts of stuff wrong lol.

Well it is almost 3 am, so I am going to shut up for now and get this posted. I am sure there will be more but wanted to at least give a partial update.

Until next time, take it easy.


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