Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is it October already?

Is it really October already?

I was finally making my way overdue rounds of blogs yesterday. While visiting Jason’s blog over at Clarity of night, I read one of his posts regarding Halloween and scary movies. As I said in comments over there I LOVE scary movies, or at least I did as a kid anyways. However, for the most part I can not remember the last really GOOD one I have seen in YEARS. Amityville didn’t do it for me. Texas chainsaw was better than the first one, but in my opinion the first one was WAY WAY overated so that isn’t really saying much. The exorcism of Emily Rose was disappointing to me as well. The only ones that were remotely good were Saw I and II but they just weren’t the same in the ‘wow factor’ of the movies back in the day. Not the same as the old freddy Krugers. Not nearly the same as the Halloween’s and Friday the 3,464’s. That got me to thinking. Have I simply out grown the thrill of them or are they really just not as good as they used to be? SURELY with all the advancements in movies, and graphics and such there HAVE to be some good ones out there. SURELY I just haven’t been picking the right ones. That being the case does anyone have any suggestions? What is the ONE scarey movie(or several better yet) that in your mind you think “I just HAVE to see!” Please by all means, fill me in, cause I would LOVE to hear about em. They don’t HAVE to be recent by any means. You can include the classics if you like as well. Off the top of my head here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

Friday the 13th’s –though as bad as the filmmaking was I am sure they would SUCK now.
But back then they were awesome!

Nightmare on elmstreet- I loved these back then cause they were funny AND a bit scarey.
Again I doubt I would enjoy them much now though.

The shining- As Jason mentioned this one on his blog, I am going to watch it again soon.
This one I KNOW I will still like a lot!

There was another one that I very VERY vaguely remember enjoying but have NO idea what it was. The only thing I remember is an old man in and old house and it opens up with a rubber ball bouncing down some stairs. I have NO clue what the name of it was,
Does anyone know? (shot in the dark to ask but what the hell)

What are some of your faves?


christine said...

How much is this information worth to you? Hmmm? >:)

Ok, is it The Changeling? Never seen it, but looked it up for you.


I, too, used to LOVE scary movies. But I think you are onto something there, we may be outgrowing it , and it now takes much much more to scare us. I remember watching The Exorcist (the original one) about 5 years ago and though it was still scary, nothing as scary as I thought it was when it first came out!

I loved the Freddie Krueger movies too, but they made me laugh more than anything. They were so entertaining. Carrie was scary!

Michael Thomas said...

I don't think it actually qualifies as a horror film, unless you count your head getting all twisted up in a knot, but I believe that the most disturbing movie I've seen in recent years has been "Open Water". Imagine, you are out scuba diving with a group in the Caribbean. Now, imagine that you come to the surface and find the boat gone. I won't give away where it goes from there, in case anyone wants to see it for the first time. Just finding the boat gone would be enough to make me twig a moment in real life.


PS: I tagged Barmaid. First comment! She pulled it.... :(

Reel Fanatic said...

I've definitely kind of gone off today's horror flicks because they just spew gore and ignore suspense .. One old-school flick that still gets to me is Rosemary's Baby

briliantdonkey said...

Christine: thanks, that doesn't SOUND familiar(title wise) at all, but looking at it that could very well be the one. We shall see when netflix gets it here in a few days.Agreed, the freddies were not all that scarey at all. I think it was the comedic aspect of them I liked more than anything.

Michael: I wouldn't consider that a horror movie but I have seen it and it was pretty decent. I REALLY liked the story idea of it, but the movie itself was only so so IMO. Re: barmaid, who knows pulling it may not really mean anything. She may be just thinking about it. I don't THINK it is the kind of thing she would put on there unless it is just a 'slow day'

RF: that movie scares the hell out of me too, even though I have never even SEEN it!lol. My little sister saw it when she was reallllly small and it terrified her. For WEEKS(felt like months) she asked over and over and over 'what happened to Rosemary's baby?" Combine that with it being in the middle of her seemingly never ending "why? stage" and it still sends shudders down my spine.
Thanks for visiting and welcome!

Flood said...

We just bought F the 13 I-VI, and it's cheesy, but fun. I thought The Ring was pretty scary and Saw was freaky in it's way. Jeepers Creepers was pretty good too.

The Devil's Rejects and House of a 1000 Corpses I love for the shock value. Watch 'em in one sitting, Corpses first, if you haven't already.

Here is a list of 100 scary movies. Hopefully something will pique your interest.

briliantdonkey said...

Thanks for the list Flood. A lot of those look awesome, and bring back a lot of memories.


jason evans said...

The Changeling is a good, traditional ghost story. I recommend it (even though the ending gets a bit cheesy).

As for modern movies, I thought The Others with Nicole Kidman was very well done. Again, a traditional ghost story with a twist.

alyndabear said...

Oh how I wish we celebrated Halloween here - Aussies KNOW that it is on the 31st of October, but we don't actually do anything for it. Bah humbug.

I have to say that I really enjoy horror movies; particularly the old ones. I sit in the movies now-a-days and put my fingers in my ears (the sound is the scariest part, you know) but I still watch them. The hardest part is finding someone to come with me!

I like The Shining, as a classic. I also don't mind "Rose Red" - also based on a Stephen King book. I'm up for anything. ;)

alyndabear said...

And Michael, I agree - Open Water was VERY disturbing. That film has made me re-think scuba diving!

Michael Thomas said...

"Open Water" was based on an actual event. I have a little thng about swimming in large bodies of water with who knows what underneath. There's no real cause, it just creeps me a bit. That movie got me into it because I put myself in their place through the whole thing.

And Deb let me know right away why she pulled it, basically because she didn't want to start some "memefest". I got it, I get it, and I'm suitably chastened as I should have just tagged her by email. No worries.

normiekins said...

can't watch any of that stuff......i'd have to sleep with the lights on!

briliantdonkey said...

Jason: I haven't seen 'the others' but a few people suggested it so I am going to have to check it out. The ring was decent or maybe even pretty good it just didn't have that 'wow' effect. I DID dig the shining off of my shelf and stayed up watching it till 3 am. Classic as always.

Michael: I know that feeling well. Let something touch my foot in the water and I too can do the whole 'walk on water' thing. All while trying to cover it up and not squeal like a little three year old girl which would be a clear violation of 'man law'.

Alyndabear: great to see you again. Unfortunately, halloween isn't nearly the same here as it was when I was a kid either. People still do it, but thanks to a few psychopaths they more or less limit it to going to shopping malls and such for the trick or treating.

in2deep said...

i dont like too many scary movies because they just arent scary. but i would also like to see "the shining." i have a feeling it will be worth it.
but other than that, no favorites at all.

Kim G. said...

BD - thanks for stopping by the blog and your ideas for the basket. I really liked the ideas!

I am NOT a fan of scary movies. I usually have to change the chanel when the advertisements come on (I'm a big wimp)! One that I saw as a kid that I actually sort of liked was "Prophecy". (I think that's what it was called. It was in the early eighties!) Sorry - don't have much to recommend other than that! :)

Ferdz said...

I love scary movies as well. It seems that movie producers have been tossing a lot of garbage movies lately that relies on special fx.

I enjoyed "the others" and "Open Water" as well as mentioned by the others. Recently I've heard that "The Descent" is really good based from a friend of mine who's a horror fanatic.

Anonymous said...

The scariest movie of all time for me is still "The Blair Witch Project". That and "Police Academy 4".

briliantdonkey said...

ferdz and intoodeep, welcome to my blog. THanks for stopping by and for the comments. I ended up digging 'The shining' off my bookcase and watching it the other night. It didn't dissappoint.

Rebecca: Great to see you again. Sorry for your loss but it is good to see you up and about .

alyndabear said...

I think I'm going to nab the Shining from the video store on Friday night. Fwee!

normiekins said...'ll be november soon.....;)