Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This week’s prompt for Sunday Scribblings is simply “Good”. Let me start off with a question. Does that mean that this post has to be good? If so, I may be in big trouble. Also, fair warning, this may ramble a bit.

-I am off for the next two days and this to say the least, is ‘good’.

-Does anyone know of a GOOD surgeon? If so please send them to 483 Briliantdonkey way, because it will take no less than the best to remove this couch from my arse in the next couple of days.

-I had to work all day Sunday. With the new job this is pretty much par for the course. No big deal, but I DO miss spending most if not all day Sunday laid(laying?lying? ummmmmmm

I DO miss spending all day SITTING on the couch watching football game after football game on the boob tube. Why do they call it a ‘boob tube’ anyways? Why not ‘ass tube’? I can only guess that it is because the insides of televisions used to be made up of a bunch of tubes. Boob rhymes with tube so Walla.
If that is the case then why not “Pube tube?” On second thought, I guess I should just be happy the insides of televisions were never full of pix.

Anyways, where was I? Oh, so being in the middle of no where does have at least one good advantage. I actually CAN manage to go all day without hearing the result of the Jaguar game. This allows me to tivo it and come home to watch it as if it were live so that is GOOD. Except on days like yesterday, when I come home to watch and see they got their Butts handed to them by the damn Houston Texans. Again…….. NOT so GOOD!

Speaking of ‘NOT so good: There seems to be some kind of bug going around blogville lately. For various reasons a lot of VERY good bloggers have been posting less and less frequently as of late and some of them not at all. I myself admit to being guilty of this. (The ‘posting less frequently’ part NOT the ‘good bloggers’ part that is). A few like Caty of “The bean counter” , Rebecca from Writing Blind and Flood from Flash Flood have made it official and announced they are closing up shop(albeit I hope only temporarily). Here is to wishing you all well, letting you know you and your words are missed, and hoping to see you back posting soon.

Others like Debra from Barmaid Blog, Schprock of the The Schprock report, and waiter from insane waiter seem to be posting a bit less as of late as well. I hope for you (like me); this is just a temporary thing and not the beginning of the end. To read all of your stuff is enjoyable, a privilege, and like those listed above, you (and your words) are missed.

I have always said that I would not let the idea of getting older bother me and for the most part I think I have held myself true to that word which I suppose is good. However, that doesn’t mean I am not allowed to joke about it. My shrink would tell me that at least in some veiled subconscious way joking about it is a sign that it IS bothering me. I consider making a joke about not paying her and watching her eyes bulge out of her head but discretion wins out damnit!

With that in mind, Part of a conversation from work the other day:

Waitress::::: rambling on and on about something or other I have no idea::::

BD: (pouts out lip and gives best suspicious evil eye) “whatchhuuuu tawkin bout Willis?”

Waitress: ……………. (Blank look)

BD: “Arnold? Gary Coleman?.........Oh come on!...... Facts of life?”

Waitress: ……………. (Blank look)

BD: “ahhh let me guess you have never seen ‘Facts of life’?

Waitress: “facts of life?”

BD: “never mind I guess you are too young for that one, but believe me it (my impression of it as much as the show) was Fuuuuuun KNEEEE!"

Waitress: “shut up! You are not THAT much older than me!”

BD: “37”

Waitress: “no way! You are NOT that old.

This leads to a few minutes of the ‘yes I am/ No your not” game until she makes me pull out my license and prove it. I take this time to have a conversation in my mind with my shrink.

Shrink: “See? The way you are poking your chest out proudly jussssst a weee bit proves on some subconscious level you are bothered by it.”

BD: “no Doc, I’m not, old is better than dead.”

Shrink: “okay keep telling yourself that if you must but I think you know the truth.” Tell me you did not replay her last comment in your mind 4 times to make sure she said "you are NOT that old!" as opposed to "you are not THAT old!"

BD: How about if I DON’T pay you for my next few visits, how would that make YOU feel?

I am just getting to the good part where her eyes bulge out in panic when I am shaken out of my thoughts by:

Waitress: “I’ll be damned you ARE 37!”

BD: “yup, 37 and counting.”

Waitress: Wow, you are old enough to be my father!

BD: ummmm Doc? Doc? Shall I make those checks out to Dr. shrink or DOCTOR shrink?

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Michael Thomas said...

Hilarious, as ever. But you scooped me, buddy. My next post was going to start out with the same comment regarding how many of our blogmates are dropping off the fact of the earth so suddenly.

Is it a conspiracy?

Are the black hats systematically cleansing the Internet of our enlightened dialog? Or did some obscure, internet passed malaise just settle over almost all of us in the same 30 day period.

Makes you wonder.

fringes said...

Dang...how would she not know watchutalkinboutwillis???

And, yes, there must be a blog bug goin' 'round. Glad you're still here. Thanks for cracking me up on my blog today.

And my dad would totally help you out if you called him. He's awesome like that.

alyndabear said...

The blog bug is sad. Unfortunately, my bug is still going strong, so I shall keep rambling until the cows come home...

Your ramblings are GOOD.

And how good was your Flat Stanley story. I'm taking mine in to school tomorrow, so we'll see what I can scrounge up.

normiekins said...

have happy counch potato days...i love those times!!!!

the first time i felt old is when someone called me mamm.....i'm 43...then when some punk at the gas station said i was as old as his mother.....! 37 is not OLD....yeah when 20 somethings look at you when you talk about 8-track tapes....and albums....that a laugh.

i love the psychiatrist sparring...too funny....!

jason evans said...

37 is old enough to be her father?? Dear Lord, what's the world coming to (he says as he only a few months from 37).

SkinFluteSymphony said...

You take the good,
You take the bad,
You take them both and there you have the facts of life.
The facts of life.

There's a time you gotta go and show
You're growin' now,
You know about the facts of life.
The facts of life.

When the world never seems,
To be living up to your dreams.
And suddenly you're finding out,
The facts of life are all about you.
All about you.
A-ll about you.
It takes a lot to get em right,
But you're learnin the facts of life.
Learnin the facts of life.
Learnin the facts of life.
Learnin the facts of li-fe.

What is coming to the world when "Whatshyou talkin bout Willis?" and the Facts of Life gets an empty response...Tutti would not be amused

briliantdonkey said...

Lol Skinflute: can't say I would have been able to go nearly that far with it but I knew SOME of the words at least. Upon further review, wasn't "whatchu tawkin bout willis" from "Different strokes" instead of "facts of life"? Not sure why that just occurred to me but I think that is right. Thanks for stopping by


Kim G. said...

Now that was some "must see tv". Who can forget George Clooney's debut as the grocery store delivery boy? Classic tv!

briliantdonkey said...

Hi Kim,

Great to see you as always.

"Who can forget George Clooney's debut as the grocery store delivery boy? Classic tv!"

Apparently ,,,,,,ummmmm ME!

I don't recall him being in there but I find that sort of thing quite interesting. As a movie buff I LOVE going back to see older movies from when people were first getting their starts and usually scream something along the lines of "Oh yeah He/she WAS in this!"

Thanks for pointing that out.


Anthony J. Rapino said...

It is a shame that so many good bloggers are closing. i hadn't heard about Flash until your post. I guess sometimes life takes over.

Barmaid said...

I assure you, I also hope that my slacking off the last couple of weeks was just temporary. Thanks as always for the support. :-)

SkinFluteSymphony said...

You are correct in that "whatchu tawkin bout willis" was in Different Strokes, however I couldn't remember all the words to the theme song for that, so Facts of Life it is.

DJPare said...

Hey my fellow 37 year old brother,

Thanks for your recent comment on my site. The Tigers lost last night, so it didn't work out so well for my late gramps.

Thanks making me think back to the Sox win in 2004 - that NEVER gets old!!

Um, yeah, I've gotten the "wow, you're old enough to be my dad" recently for the first time too. Damn...Not pretty. Oh well. Fuck it. We're still not old - theyr'e just freakin young!

Thanks for writing and clueing me in on your witty blog.