Saturday, December 30, 2006

sign sign everywhere a sign

I was in my car the other day doing a bunch of errands on my day off. As I pulled up to the red light something made me look over to my right at the car(actually a minivan) that had just pulled up next to me. It was just your standard, run of the mill mini van. On the side of the door was one of those little magnetic signs you see all the time. Some say 'avon salesman' , 'Joe blows crab shack', Radio shack.....whatever you get the picture. This one had a picture of those big machines that kids climb into and jump around in. I seem to recall these being called a 'moonwalk' in my younger days. Anyways, apparently this car belongs to a family that rents these things out to people who may be having a birthday party or the like. I found that fairly interesting, but all in all it was no biggie. The name of the company was 'Terry and Alice's bouncy toys' or something to that effect.

Again, no biggie.......

However, the way the sign was printed it showed a really large T ..........followed by a much smaller 'erry' with again a much larger A followed by smaller fonts 'lices'. Kind of like this only bigger of course:

T erry & A lice's
giant bouncy toys
available for group parties,get togethers
call 555-5555

Again,,,,,,,no biggie.

As the light turned green and the minivan pulled away though it only took a few seconds before the only thing that was visible was T & A bouncy toys.

Maybe I am just loony(I have admitted to this many times before), but I found this to be quite comical. The 'moonwalk' in my mind from my childhood memories was suddenly replaced by a giant blowup doll.......

I can picture the invitations.........Junior will be 12 this year. We hope you will join us in celebration. There will be food, drinks, and T&A toys will be brought in as well......

I wonder how many fathers who normally send the moms and kids to such things would actually show up for this party in hopes of finding a lil T and perhaps a bit of A as well?

I envision even the dead beat dads out there would show up.....

I wonder how many mom's would say "hmmmm giant T&A toys, size don't matter my arse!" and quickly dialed the number to say they would be there?

I see instead of a load of children bouncing around in delight, a group of parents doing the same as their children play pin the tail on the donkey.

Like I said, my mind just goes off on tangents like that.......calle me crazy, you wouldn't be the first.



Roadchick said...

You never said you were starting a side business!


Pin the tail on Briliant Donkey!

mist1 said...

When I went to T&A, they were all out of T. I got the A, but I have to wait until they have more T in stock.

Chris said...

You are twisted. I'm glad I'm not alone:)

Happy New Years!!

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The Sarcasticynic said...

I love T&A as much as the next guy, (and that's probably a lot,) but I am suspecting the proprietors of that enterprise would be very embarrassed if they thought some people out there were thinking as such. It was most likely naiveté on their part, (but incredibly funny for the rest of us.)

Bice said...

I'm in the car... I be there in an hour! Same me some of that sweet, sweet T & A! Mind if I video tape it?

briliantdonkey said...

Roadchick: sounds like an idea,,,,course I gots me a whole lotta arse already so no need to pin some more on.

Mist: ditto,,,,prolly a good thing in my case though, since if I had T, I would truly NEVER get any work done.

Takes one to know one as they say and if that doesn't work then, Same to you but more of it.

Sarcasticynic: Well now I know who had the name already when I tried to pick something like that. Oh well from your speed a briliant donkey was born. Welcome to the blog. I am not sure where I have seen you commenting at(burnett's place I think) but I know that name. Anywhoooo, thanks for stopping by.

Save some, hah! was never much on that whole 'bring enough for the whole ass errrrr class or don't bring any at all' stuff.


Michael Thomas said...

It sounds like intentional, and solid, marketing. Sort of like the sex they brushed into magazine ads. We used to spend hours going through ads when we were in mid school and high school, after we heard about it, and you know, it wasn't an urban legend. I wouldn't be surprised if this couple actually planned it out, just to get more eye contact for the ad.