Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ramblings about blogs

In the comments section of my latest post Michael over at the Cardiac E.R invited me to be a guest blogger on his blog. He wrote :

:::BD, you are formally invited, (with witnesses present) to be a Guest Bloggger at the Cardiac ER. Let me know.Michael :::


Michael I accept and would be glad to do so.


If I can screw up YOUR blog, and prove that screwing up mine is no fluke maybe I can start my own business.


Trying to follow up the like of fringes, and Mist. I ain't skeered! Terrified perhaps would be more like it. Guess I will find out how that william wong(I think that was his name) guy of American Idol infamy felt. Knowing I will be the worst of the bunch and moving forward anyways..........Good therapy or Bad strategy? I don't know, stay tuned.


You said, Quote "with witnesses present". And did so on MY blog. Just an FYI, this is Briliant donkey. What you meant was 'witness' as I only have one reader. Thanks mom!


Thanks for the invite.

In other blog related rambling stuff:

I have finally done caught up on some of the administrative stuff that I have been putting off.
A number of new links have been added to my sidebar, so if you are looking for other fabulous blogs to read I invite you to check them out. To those of you who should have had a link added long ago, my apologies for it taking so long. Six days till Christmas and I haven't bought one single gift yet. Procrastinate,,,,,,,,it is what I do.

Wow, I just went back and re-read that last statement. "I have finally done caught up....." Did I really just type that? I have mixed emotions about reading that statement. 1)My high school Grammar teacher would poop his pants and 2)Shit, working in Biffy(B.F.E) is starting to rub off on me!

Thanks to Christine from Ramblings of a Gypsy Soul and Fringes of sarcastic fringehead for telling me about bloglines. For the two people left out there who don't know about this check it out. All your favorite blogs listed in one place with alerts to when they are updated! This could be a Nifty little tool!

whoa! (enter horror flashbacks of my first three sexual experiences here!)

Is there a program out there to do the same thing as far as tracking comments?

I have a confession to make:

I AM a computer idiot! HTML, RSS, and all that stuff? I just don't get it. Truthfully I probably understand it more than I give myself credit for, but fear screwing something up more than anything. For example when I recently changed over to the new blogger beta, I somehow managed to lose all kinds of stuff(technorati, a few links etc;). Most of it is fixed but who knows what I may discover is missing tomorrow?

Anyways, I have been thinking for a while about adding or changing the main picture on my blog. You know like a logo type thing. There are a few problems with that:

1)I really am not sure what I want though am thinking along the lines of a cartoon of a donkey( Ass) wearing a cap and gown and perhaps even kicking that extra "L" in brilliant out of the way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

problem 2) I have less than zero Artistic ability so drawing something like that myself is clearly out of the question. Any ideas there?

problem 3) IF I CAN find such a picture/drawing I have no idea how to change it and add it to the blog In place of or near the title page.

Other than that I don't see a problem at all. Lol

until next time,



Michael Thomas said...

LMAO - You don't get a week. You're scheduled for the 23rd! heh heh heh.

I'll see what I can do about a sketch. I'm marginally creative artistically, and I have a scanner. Scary, isn't it?

And don't worry about who you follow, worry about who's following you. I think I'm going to let the Sigo guest blog in the blind (She doesn't read it) to close out the week.


mist1 said...

I always wondered what happened to the L.

Fringes said...

It's William Hung.

Roadchick said...

Donkey, dahlin' - the 'chick has also been invited and it never occurred to her that she should be afraid. Oddly enough, she is still not afraid. Apparently she should be. Maybe she'll be afraid afterward.

Michael - actually, you're the one that should be afraid. And you know why. But you're a brave man, the 'chick will give you that.

alyndabear said...

I did notice that the blog looked a little spiffier this past week.. and the cartoon donkey sounds like a great idea!

Since I have the computer skills of a tree, I stick with photos of inanimate objects or plain old boring texts for my banner - I'm skeered of attempting to draw.

Bice said...

Tell your mom to start commenting as the rest of us are getting tired of taking up her slack.

Michael Thomas said...

BD, you gonna send that Guest Blog to me? Tick tock, tick tock.

Yasamin said...

What you meant was 'witness' as I only have one reader. Thanks mom!

thats freaking hilarious! i thought i was the only one in that situation.

ps this post started to sound like a freaking oscar winner speech. it made me giggle.

christine said...

I love that donkey-kicking-the-L idea! Maybe you can get lobstersquad to draw you something. :)

briliantdonkey said...


Oh you meant THIS 23rd????

Guess I should start lol

Procrastinate.....it's what I do