Saturday, November 11, 2006

politics as usual

interviewer: BD, what happened to you taking part in the whole NaBLOpomo thingy?Aren't you supposed to be doing one post a day for all of November?

BD: ummmm,,,,,errrrrr,,,,,,ahem,,,,,,,,I never committed to doing that.

interviewer: hmmmm,,,,really? i seem to remember you saying so a few short posts ago!

BD: ummm errrr,,,,,welll.......I don't RECALL(thank you Ronald Reagan) doing that.

interviewer: what happened? what has changed?

BD: I was caught up in the moment I guess.

Interviewer: the moment?

BD: yes the moment, it is november after all.

Interviewer: what does November have to do with anything?

BD: You know,,,,November, time for political ads and such, time for making promises and then failing to back them up,,,,I blame them! They rubbed off on me to the point EYE started doing the same thing.

Interviewer: aha!!! so you admit that you DID say it?

BD: Do you have me saying it on tape?

Interviewer: ummmm no, I don't think so.

BD: Then I never said anything of the sort.

Interviewer: Oh, wait here it is in a post dated October 31 titled "where did you come from".

BD: hmmmm so you DO have it on tape then?

Interviewer: yes

BD: errrrr,,,,ummmmmm,,,,,,I was misquoted!

interviewer: by yourself?

BD: errrr,,,,ummmm,,,,,,,Bill Clinton had sex with his intern!



Kim G. said...

You certainly meant to follow through on that issue but wasn't there some sort of swiftboat incident that prevented you from participating? That or you are so busy helping Donald Rumsfield with his resume, you just haven't had time to write.

christine said...

LMAO! You're a nut.

alyndabear said...

I WONDERED where you had gone! As long as the novel writing is coming along.....

Michael Thomas said...

Errrr. mmmmm, I've been posting, I just haven't been publishing. Yesssssss, that's the ticket. Oh, yes, I had a joint in my mouth but I didn't inhale, either.