Monday, November 27, 2006

Nemesis this weeks Sunday scribblings prompt

This week's prompt for Sunday Scribblings is simply "nemesis". There are countless ways that I could go with this post and I have thought of them over the last few days. Even now as I am typing out the words I am not sure which way I will go myself. So in the spirit of 'just put your fingers on the keyboard and go' ala NaNoWriMo, I guess we shall soon see.

I guess there are plenty of people and things that could be considered a nemesis in my life so here I will just list a few of them in no particular order.

My big toe:
Or as Jerry Seinfeld once described it , "the captain of the toes". How is it that I can walk by the same couch 4 hundred thousand times. When it is day time, no problem. Night time? no problem. Power is out in the middle of the night? No Problemo. Sleepy groggy, 'middle of the night one step shy of sleep walking my way to a midnight bathroom visit?' Noooo problem.

But then something strange happens. Every once in a while, in the middle of the day, wide awake I walk by this couch like I have done so many times before. I KNOW it is there. It has been in the same spot more or less for 6 years or so. Yet every so often some kind of power struggle seems to occur:

Brain: Okay everyone keep right on walking, thats right, left foot, right foot, left foot right foot.

Big toe: "why does HE get to make all the decisions anyways, look at him ordering us around like minions!" grrrrrr he annoys me so much.

Little toes: "you are right! he doesn't appreciate us at all! we should rebel! Take over this outfit!
remind him that WE ARE SOMEBODY!

Brain: "you all in charge? Hah! you are just toes, nothing more so get over yourself!"

Big toe: "okay that does it, everyone listen up, on the count of three, as soon as we get close to
couch, everyone of you toes lean to the left as hard as you can and KICK the shit out
of it for no apparent reason! One,,,,,,,,,,two.........Three!

BD: "Arghhhhhhhhh! Brain?brain? what the HELL was that? How the hell do you stub your toes
on something we have passed by 4 million times! Are you drinking again? And why is it
that never happens when we are wearing shoes hmmmm? @#$@#! that hurts! Get it together you slacker and do your job, or I will find someone else that can!

Meanwhile back in the toes room laughter can be heard. High fives are exchanged, hugs given and all celebrate a moment of unity in sticking it to the brain.

Hey It is either that, or once in a while I am just a clutz I don't know.

Well, safe to say I didn't see THAT post coming at all, but oh well. For more sunday scribblings go here.



mist1 said...

You need to get your big toe in check. My big toe bullies the other toes. Runs them into stuff and such.

LaLa said...

I broke my little toe once, there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Toes are bitches.

James Burnett said...

If the big toe is the "captain," then I broke the "private" of the toes once. Hurt like hell. Now, I'm protective of my toes almost to the point of paranoia.

Cool blog. Always nice to see another Floridian and blogger out there.

Bruja Bella said...

Very amusing...I never thought of my feet as my nemesis', but I guess it could give new meaning to the term "arch nemesis". Oh my, that was a bad joke...

briliantdonkey said...

mist1: welcome, and that is one of those things that is easier said than done to say the least.

lala: I think I did too when I was little but not sure since I was pretty much told 'suck it up there isn't anything they can do about it'.

James: welcome and thank you. being a fellow floridian and still being close to election time you are supposed to vote errrrr comment at least twice damnit. If you can't follow the rules you will have to leave! JK if there is any doubt.

Bruja Bella: Agreed, that was a bad joke.....and yet I laughed at it. Always nice to meet a fellow "I am NOT afraid to reach for a joke' person.

Kim G. said...

I never knew that one could experience a digit rebellion. Would MSNBC claim that your body is in civil war because the parts can't just get along? Perhaps your appendix, as a neutral third party, should step in to mediate the situation. Good luck with this.

Michael Thomas said...

Nice Post, Dooood!