Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pale immortal release date

Today is the day of the release of Anne Frasier's new novel "Pale Immortal". Several people in the blogosphere are partying in celebration of this event. I am buying my copy today, though it will have to wait until I finish reading "Play dead" before I can get to it. So in spirit of the party, your friendly neighborhood bartender(thats me) is offering free drinks. Relax, it really is JUST a bloody mary!

or is it?

Meanwhile, you can check out the video by clicking here . If you want to wait until the sun comes up feel free I won't tell anyone or blame you for that matter. You can also check out the first couple of chapters at the Pale immortal blog or just join the fun at Anne's blog. Good luck Anne, though I doubt you will need it.




Susan Flemming said...

Hello BD, just stopping by from the comments section on Anne's blog on the great launch party/web crawl.

After finishing reading Anne's book yesterday, I think I'll pass on that drink this time round ;o)

anne frasier said...

briliant, thanks so much for participating in the pimpathon!! and thanks for the great post. i'll be back. drunker and dumber, but i'll be back.!!

Jeff said...

Hi BD! Join me in a beer Mr. Bartender? :)

angie said...

Hmm. Bloody Mary? Can I just have the vodka straight up? Nice blog, loving the blog crawl. Happy pimpin'!

Bailey Stewart said...

Could I have a Vodka Collins instead?

Good post. This is fun.

Shesawriter said...

I'm on a pimping round roll. Nice place you got here. :-)

jason evans said...

I think I better skip the alcohol. Can I just rub a cold glass on my head?

anne frasier said...

i like your tags. :D

oh, and the burping comment on my blog. that was good too. :D


lobstersquad said...

hi Bd: thanks for looking into lobstersquad, I´m glad you like it.
I don´t use any specially special software. Photoshop´s my thing, even though it´s not really a drawing program. I always draw by hand, scan, and then colour. Very flat colours, as you see.
That´s when I´m not doing watercolours or pencil drawings, as the one you´ve seen of the panda.
That one, btw, is sharpened in the computer. Photoshop, or any other scanning program will do it. I find it usually improves drawings a lot.
I don´t know if this was very useful, but get back to me whenever and I´ll try to be of help.

Michael Thomas said...

The Labor Day thing was such a sad thing. Meaning I was laughing so hard that the tears were rolling out of my bloodshot eyes, and I truly need that today, so Thank You, My Friend. I'll buy ya a beer sometime.


Originally found you commenting on Waiterrant. Then linked through our favorite barmaid.

OK, so I'm the one that did the search for Cigars, Donkeys, and S h i t. Sue me. LMAO

christine said...

Ok, I couldn't even finish the video clip! I'm such a scaredy cat. Don't think that book is out here yet, so let me know how it is ok?

Congratulations, Anne! :)