Wednesday, January 23, 2008

recently overheard

Server: "Are you about ready to order or do you need a few minutes?"

Guest: "I think I am ready."

Server: (pulling out her handy dandy order pad)"Okay I am ready when you are"

Guest: "I think I will have the chicken dinner."

Server: "Ma'am would you like the three piece chicken dinner or the 5 piece?"

Guest: "What's the difference?"

Server: (looking confused) " Ummmm.......two pieces"

Fortunately she stopped just short of saying "duh"



Chris said...


alyndabear said...

ha... oh dear.

That's like people asking how much a 30c icecream cone costs at McDonalds.

heather said...

i want to know if she managed to keep from rolling her eyes as she walked away.

James Burnett said...

damn, that may be the best example of stupid i've heard in a long time. i still tease my wife for a brain fart she once had, when she asked a server if the salmon on the menu tasted like fish. the server and i cracked up. my wife later defended herself by saying she meant was it really stereotypically fishy and oily in taste/smell. still was funny to hear.

Tera said...

My my my...they sure had something to laugh and talk about for the rest of the day!

Nina said...

love it!

heather said...

you've been missed. hope things are going good your way.

just in case they aren't though here's a hug.


James Burnett said...

where are you???

Hoodie said...

Wow, you've gone without a post even longer than me.

Everything okay?

James B. said...

BD, you alive? Let us know how you're doing, bro.

heather said...

while i ~love, love, love~ that you've commented. i would love even more if you would post.

anything at all will do. we miss you.