Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where is all the fun?

Is it really almost December already? I was walking around walmart shortly after halloween and heard my first Christmas song playing over the loud speaker. Call me a grinch, but I beleive I said out loud something along the lines of "what the F@#@!"

It is hard to believe that thanksgiving is this week, Christmas is just around the corner, and before you know it it will be freaking 2008? REally? Already?

Wasn't it just yesterday we were all hearing about that big Y2k scare?

Computers are going to crash.

Medical equipment will just stop working.

Bank computers will screw everything up and all our money will dissappear.

Gas station computers will mess up and Gas will go for $3 a gallon!

Whew! glad none of THAT happened!

They say time flies when you are having fun. I guess I must be having a blast, but dont seem to recall a hell of a lot of fun occuring.

Speaking of christmas how would you like to get one of THESE?

I don't know what the official name of these things are. hairless sphinx cat I think?

Wow, do people really own these things? Not to say thats one ugly mo-fo, but I think every pekignese dog around the world, yoda, and ET just started feeling much better about themselves.

-I don't know why people tell me stuff. I used to think it was because I was a bartender and 'people just tell their bartenders anything'. However I haven't worked behind a bar in well over a year but people still feel this need to share things with me that make me want to cut my ears off with a dull butter knife.

Hope you all have a great turkey day, even if you are one of the 48 billion customers that come through our doors on Thanksgiving day.


alyndabear said...

I know what you mean - 2008? Never thought the planet would be around for that long, actually. 2008 means I'll be in England, so it terrifies me an awful lot.

We don't "do" Turkey Day here. Makes me very sad.

heather said...

yep, it's a hairless sphinx. cheeks wants one. (she always goes for the animals no one in their right mind would want. i think she just wants to make sure all animals are loved.)

once a bartender, always a bartender. you learn how to listen at that job and for some reason, every idiot with a sob story can spot you from a thousand yards.

happy thanksgiving to you too.

Susan said...

I feel your pain. I made the mistake of going to a bar last night which it seems like people are far more emotional and chatty near holidays. I had someone cry on my shoulder and three or four people tryin' to get in my pants all at the same time. It was hard to be caring and give the "f*$& off" look at the same time.

Enjoy your turkey!

christine said...

Ok my reply is NOT smart-assed, thank you very much!

Now, I understand why you don't like to listen to my stories! lol Never occured to me you'd be sick of listening to crap being a bartender for years and all.

And seriously Rob, pekingese dogs are cute (annoying when they bark maybe) , you can't compare them to this cat!

christine said...

Oops forgot, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Belated Birthday again! :)

Turnbaby said...

Well gas IS $3 a gallon now dammit;-)

Sugar you should hear the stuff I do --and that's just my friends ;-)

I hope you had a great day.

Jeff said...

That's a spooky looking critter, BD!
I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

briliantdonkey said...

Alynda: from the 'glass is half full' department, I hear it(not doing thanksgiving over there), makes the turkeys quite happy.

Heather: what? were you saying something?

Susan: 3 or 4 at a time? Showoff!

Christine: One of the best dogs I ever had was a pekignese actually. As for your stories, of course I listen, yours are tame by comparison.

Turnbaby: $3 on a good day. Scarey!

Jeff: agreed looks like a good spring board for a story.

Akasha Savage said...

It's not having fun that makes time fly...it's getting old!!

Alynda? What actually terrifies you about being in my homeland, England?

heather said...

happy belated birthday there bro! so how's 40? ;-)

briliantdonkey said...

Akasha: welcome to the blog and good point!

heather: thanks. I dont turn 40 till next year, but have been practicing at saying I am 40 this year to eliminate the .o0001% chance that it may freak me out when it really does happen.


Chelle said...

Actually that is a very pretty bald kitty.... I know many men who do like bald kitties...

Have a fantastic weekend!



heather said...

(i knew that, just trying to help you get used to the idea. you know, with me being all helpfull and supportive etc.)

briliantdonkey said...

Chelle: good point. I suspect however that said men who thought they were going to find pretty bald kitties and came across that thing have names like Richard simmons, Boy george, and Chris crocker.


Scott said...

Someone who posts less frequently than I do. How quaint!

the108 said...

I've got some fun for ya... make yourself (and myself) laugh and come play the Great Amazon.com Customer Product Review over at the108!