Friday, January 20, 2006

A little bit about me

                                       A little about me

Okay, so I guess the natural starting point for this thing is to tell a little bit about myself.
That way, eventually when my readership balloons to two (coming soon around February 2019) they will know at least a bit about me.
First things first, I am my VERY least favorite subject so don’t be shocked if I don’t reveal a whole lot about me directly. I suppose a lot more about me will come out in my posts though. Anyways, here come the boring details:

I am a 37 year old single male living in Florida. No I am NOT gay, and as far as I know, no there is not ‘something wrong with me’ lol. It just hasn’t happened yet is all. At least I hope that is all it is lol. I am a pretty firm believer that when it is meant to be it will be so I guess so far it just isn’t meant to happen.

Right now I work as a professional PEON, and if I do say so myself I am VERY good at it! Seriously, I am a waiter by day and a bartender by night. Like I said, professional peon. It never ceases to amaze me how utterly different people are. Being in the business that I am in I get to see that first hand and meet a lot of great people, some of whom end up being the subjects of my musings,thoughts etc;

     I live alone with my dog Kash who is a beautiful Norwegian elkhound. Think black and grey German Sheppard, and then make her much shorter, stockier, and much much lazier. While I have no kids of my own she is as close to one as I have right now.

     My hobbies include writing, playing spades, poker,and just being silly most of the time. I believe that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. I prefer it when people laugh WITH me, but failing that I am all for people laughing AT me as well.

     I love sports and as such am a diehard Boston Redsox fan, and Jacksonville Jaguar season ticket holder. Okay that is more than enough about me for now. Like I said before, I am my least favorite subject so I will stop boring you and get this posted.

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